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In the eukaryotic cells, DNA, histone proteins and associated macromolecules are tightly packaged into chromatin. The basic unit of chromatin is the nucleosome – a DNA fragment wrapped around an octamer core of histone proteins. During the past two decades the field of chromatin research has advanced at an incredible pace due to the development of novel
techniques. It has become increasingly clear that, rather than simply representing packaged DNA, chromatin organization undergoes dynamic changes and plays a key role in controlling genome activities throughout life, from the onset of embryonic development to cell, tissue and organ differentiation. The term “chromatin remodelling” is widely used to describe changes in chromatin structure which is controlled by histone-modifying enzymes, chromatin remodelling complexes, non-histone DNA-binding proteins and noncoding RNAs. Many human diseases such as cancer, various genetic syndromes, autism and infectious disease have been linked to the disruption of these control processes by genetic, environmental or microbial factors. Therefore, to unravel the mechanisms by which they operate is one of the most exciting and rapid developing fields of modern biology and will contribute to new ways in treatment of these diseases.
The chapters in this book will focus on recent advances in our understanding of the mechanisms that govern the dynamic structural of chromatin, thereby providing important insights into gene regulation, DNA repair, and human diseases .... 

Dr. Danuta Radzioch
Professor, McGill University
Department of Medicine 
and Department of Human Genetics
Montreal, Canada



Section 1 Molecular Basis for Chromatin Structure and Regulation .

 1 Chromatin Remodelers and Their Way of Action 3 Laura Manelyte and Gernot Längst

2 SUMO Tasks in Chromatin Remodeling 29 Garcia-Dominguez Mario

Section 2 Chromatin Remodeling in Regulating Gene Expression .

 3 SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling Complex Involved in RNA Polymerase II Elongation Process in Drosophila melanogaster 59 Nadezhda E. Vorobyeva, Marina U. Mazina and Semen A. Doronin

 4 Condensins, Chromatin Remodeling and Gene Transcription 77 Laurence O. W. Wilson and Aude M. Fahrer

 5 The Role of Id2 in the Regulation of Chromatin Structure and Gene Expression 91 Elena R. García-Trevijano, Luis Torres, Rosa Zaragozá and Juan R. Viña

Section 3 Chromatin Remodeling in DNA Damage, Development and Human Disease .

 6 Role of Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 Polycomb Protein and Its Significance in Tumor Progression and Cell Differentiation 119 Irene Marchesi and Luigi Bagella

 7 Chromatin Remodeling in DNA Damage Response and Human Aging 153 Lili Gong, Edward Wang and Shiaw-Yih Lin

 8 Chromatin Remodelling During Host-Bacterial Pathogen Interaction 173 Yong Zhong Xu, Cynthia Kanagaratham and Danuta Radzioch

 9 Rett Syndrome 199 Daniela Zahorakova

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