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Obesity was formally recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1997, and its prevalence is increasing at epidemic proportions worldwide.
The enormous changes in human life regarding labor, exercise and diet habits have largely provoked the development of this multi-factorial disease. It has been confirmed that obesity causes many diseases, including cardiovascular disorders, type 2 diabetes mellitus, obstructive sleep apnea and degenerative joint disease. Even though many kinds of medical treatment are recommended, most therapies have not been successful in keeping sustained weight loss and controlling obesity-related comorbidity, especially in morbid obesity. Until now, only bariatric surgery has proven to be an effective procedure, and in the last 40 years, the number of bariatric procedures has been increasing exponentially in the world. This book provides an overview and updated knowledge of bariatric surgery and patient care. In it, we discussed various procedures, preoperative preparation, perioperative care and postoperative nutrition support, and the brand new, “transformed” bariatric surgery in type 2 diabetes–metabolic surgery and scarless bariatric surgery has also been included. We hope that this book will contribute to the future development of weight loss management.

Chih-Kun Huang
Bariatric & Metabolic International (B.M.I) Surgery Center, E-Da hospital, Taiwan
International Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Center of E-Da hospital, Taiwan
Republic of China


 1 Surgical Procedures to Achieve Weight Loss 1 Roman Grinberg, John N. Afthinos and Karen E. Gibbs

 2 Effect of Obesity on Circulating Adipokines and Their Expression in Omental Adipose Tissue of Female Bariatric Surgery Patients 19 John N. Fain

 3 The Economic Impact of Bariatric Surgery 61 Anke-Peggy Holtorf, Harald Rinde, Frederic Rupprecht, Henry Alder and Diana Brixner

 4 Medical Assessment and Preparation of Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery 87 Wen Bun Leong and Shahrad Taheri

 5 Rethinking the Preoperative Psychological Evaluation – A New Paradigm for Improved Outcomes and Predictive Power 117 Susan F. Franks and Kathryn A. Kaiser

 6 Bariatric Surgery – Anesthesiologic Concerns 143 Johan Raeder

 7 Gastric Banding and Bypass for Morbid Obesity – Preoperative Assessment, Operative Techniques and Postoperative Monitoring 157 Brane Breznikar, Dejan Dinevski and Milan Zorman

 8 BPD and BPD-DS Concerns and Results 175 Francesco Saverio Papadia, Hosam Elghadban, Andrea Weiss, Corrado Parodi and Francesca Pagliardi

 9 Body Weight and Energy Intake and Expenditure in Bariatric Surgery 211 Maria Rita Marques de Oliveira, Patrícia Fátima Sousa Novais, Karina Rodrigues Quesada, Carolina Leandro de Souza, Irineu Rasera Junior and Celso Vieira de Souza Leite

 10 Origins for Micronutrient Deficiencies 229 Anyea S. Lovette, Timothy R. Shope and Timothy R. Koch

 11 Foot Drop as a Complication of Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery – Is It Preventable? 255 Frank J. M. Weyns, Frauke Beckers, Linda Vanormelingen, Marjan Vandersteen and Erik Niville

 12 Diabetes Improvement Following Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery 263 Rodolfo Lahsen, Marcos Berry and Patricio Lamoza

 13 Bariatric Surgery on Obese Type 2 Diabetes Patients 275 Junichirou Mori, Yoshihiko Sato and Mitsuhisa Komatsu

 14 Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery for Asians 281 Kazunori Kasama, Yosuke Seki and Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi

 15 Robotic-Assisted Bariatric Surgery 295 Ulises Garza, Angela Echeverria and Carlos Galvani

 16 Scarless Bariatric Surgery 317 Chih-Kun Huang, Rajat Goel and Satish Pattanshetti .

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