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Nephrology is an ever expanding and dynamic field of medicine. It is important to have a clear understanding of basic concepts for proper evaluation and management of renal diseases. Our book aims to fulfill this objective. The first section deals with basic nephrology. It describes the methods of estimation of glomerular filtration rate which is the basic test for renal function. The second section of the book deals with acute kidney injury. Acute kidney injury is an important preventable and treatable form of renal damage. The etiology of AKI varies in different parts of the world. AKI may occur in various clinical settings e.g. in an intensive care unit or in the community where it may occur as a result of adverse reaction to drugs or infections. The incidence of AKI in pregnancy in the developed world has fallen dramatically over the past 40 years, however it continues to be an important cause of maternal and fetal mortality in developing countries. The various causes of Pregnancy AKI are discussed in the chapter on acute kidney injury in pregnancy. Exhaustive reviews, pioneering original articles and interesting case reports showcase the wide spectrum and challenging vistas of nephrology. The editors hope that this will encourage more original researchers in this field across the globe.

Dr. Manisha Sahay
Professor and Head, Dept. of Nephrology
Osmania General Hospital / Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
Consultant Nephrologist, Aditya Hospital, Tilak Road, Abids
Member of Young Nephrologists Committee - International Sociey of Nephrology
Executive Committee Member - Indian Society of Nephrology (Central)
Executive Committee Member - Southern Chapter of Indian Society of Nephrology
Ameerpet, Hyderabad



Part 1 Basics of Nephrology .

1 Is Body Surface Area the Appropriate Index for Glomerular Filtration Rate? 3 Liesbeth Hoste and Hans Pottel

 2 How Measuring Glomerular Filtration Rate? Comparison of Reference Methods 21 Pierre Delanaye

 3 Effects of Preterm Birth on the Kidney 61 Mary Jane Black, Megan R. Sutherland and Lina Gubhaju

 4 Renal Potassium Handling and Associated Inherited Tubulopathies Leading to Hypokalemia 89 Jelena Stojanovic and John Sayer

 5 Variability of Biological Parameters in Blood Samples Between Two Consecutive Schedules of Hemodialysis 105 Aurelian Udristioiu, Manole Cojocaru, Alexandra Dana Maria Panait, Radu Iliescu, Victor Dumitrascu and Daliborca Cristina Vlad

Part 2 Acute Kidney Injury .

 6 The Metamorphosis of Acute Renal Failure to Acute Kidney Injury 125 John W. Pickering and Zolt├ín H. Endre

 7 Acute Kidney Injury in Pregnancy 151 Manisha Sahay

 8 Evaluation of Acute Kidney Injury in Intensive Care Unit 173 Itir Yegenaga

 9 Vancomycin-Induced Nephrotoxicity 183 Ahmad Bilal, Omar Abu-Romeh, Talla A. Rousan and Kai Lau

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