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Edited by Francisco R. Breijo-Marquez .

544 pages . 
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The book Cardiac Arrythmias contains a spectrum of different topics within the subject area presented in chapters written with a magnificent scientific rigour. Some of the topics include: the most prevalent causes of cardiac arrhythmias and their mechanisms of production; some emergent or almost unknown electrical cardiac disorders; ionic diseases; mapping and ablation techniques; and some original insights on psychological disorders related to cardiac arrythmias as well as some pathologies which can affect the heart in different ways, and vice versa. The book also includes the most current treatments of Cardiac Arrythmias.
It is my opinion as the editor that all the authors in this book have done an excellent job writing their chapters, which resulted in the publication becoming a proper textbook. I fervently hope that reading it will be as enjoyable and informative for all the readers as much as it has been for me. My sincere congratulations to all the authors for their work.

Prof. Dr. F. R. Breijo-Marquez,
Titular Professor of Clinical 
and Experimental Cardiology,
Boston, Massachusetts,



Part 1 Cardiac Arrhythmias and Genetics .

 1 Novel Genomic Approach to the Arrhytmogenic Sudden Cardiac Death 3 Maria Brion, Beatriz Sobrino, Alejandro Blanco-Verea, Montserrat Santori, Rocio Gil and Angel Carracedo

 2 Phenotypic Correlation of Genetic Mutations with Ventricular Arrhythmias 17 Yamini Krishnan, Jerri Chen and Thomas V. McDonald

Part 2 The Cardiac Ion Channels .

 3 The Cardiac Ion Channels 45 Thomas Jespersen

 4 The Pathophysiological Implications of TRP Channels in Cardiac Arrhythmia 73 Ryuji Inoue, Duan Yubin, Hu Yaopeng and Jun Ichikawa

 5 Contributions of Ion Channels in Cardiac Arrhythmias 97 Jing Hongjuan and Zhang Lu  6 L-Type Ca2+ Current in Cardiac Arrhythmias 121 Gema Ruiz-Hurtado, Julio L. Alvarez and Jean-Pierre Benitah

Part 3 Pathophysiology of Cardiac Arrhythmia .

 7 Natural Protection Against Cardiac Arrhythmias During Hibernation: Significance of Adenosine 151 Tulasi Ram Jinka

 8 Neurohumoral Control of Heart Rate 167 Jones Bernardes Graceli, Diego França Pedrosa and Ágata Lages Gava

 9 Chronobiological Aspects of the Heart Rhythm Disorders at the Change of Pulmonary Ventilation in Rat Model 193 Pavol Svorc, Alexander Marossy, Pavol Svorc, Jr., Sona Gresova, Marek Buzga and Benjamin L. Fulton

 10 Late Ventricular Potentials in Cardiac and Extracardiac Diseases 227 Ioana Mozoş, Corina Şerban and Rodica Mihăescu

 11 Influence of Patern and Degree of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy on Cardiac Arrhythmias 257 Juraj Kunisek

 12 Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders and Cardiac Arrhythmia 267 Ahmad Salah Hersi

 13 Approach to Ventricular Arrhythmias in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 289 Jong-Hau Hsu, Jiunn-Ren Wu, Zen-Kong Dai and I-Chen Chen

 14 Psychological Approach to the Cardiac Arrhythmias: Focus on the Emotions 307 Ana Myriam Sánchez Bonomo and Tereza Cristina Cavalcanti Ferreira de Araujo

Part 4 Uncommon Heart Rhythm Disorders .

 15 The Variations in Electrical Cardiac Systole and Its Impact on Sudden Cardiac Death 327 F. R. Breijo-Marquez and M. Pardo Ríos

 16 Bradycardia in Children During General Anaesthesia 343 Judith A. Lens, Jeroen Hermanides, Peter L. Houweling, Jasper J. Quak and David R. Colnot

 17 Spiral Waves, Obstacles and Cardiac Arrhythmias 357 Daniel Olmos-Liceaga

 18 Electrical Storm 377 Federico Guerra, Matilda Shkoza, Marco Flori and Alessandro Capucci

 19 Bradycardia Secondary to Cervical Spinal Cord Injury 395 Farid Sadaka and Christopher Veremakis

Part 5 Electrophysiology Study of the Heart: Mapping Procedure .

 20 Electromagnetic Mapping During Complex RF Ablations 405 Shimon Rosenheck, Jeffrey Banker, Alexey Weiss and Zehava Sharon

 21 Novel Technologies for Mapping and Ablation of Complex Arrhythmias 443 Louisa Malcolme-Lawes, Shahnaz Jamil-Copley and Prapa Kanagaratnam

 22 The Future of Cardiac Mapping 461 Pascal Fallavollita

Part 6 Miscellaneous .

 23 Mild Induced Therapeutic Hypothermia for Survivors of Cardiac Arrest 481 Kevin Baker, John Prior, Karthik Sheka and Raymond A. Smego, Jr.

 24 Arrhythmias in Pregnancy 497 Marius Craina, Gheorghe Furău, Răzvan Niţu, Lavinia Stelea, Dan Ancuşa, Corina Şerban, Rodica Mihăescu and Ioana Mozoş

 25 Development of Computer Aided Prediction Technology for Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation in Mobile Healthcare 515 Desok Kim, Jae-Hyeong Park and Jun Hyung Kim

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