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322 pages 
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During a long perios of time, clinical neurophysiology has expanded and developted new fields.However, the number of specialists of clinical neurophysiology is still limited. Wellqualified and detailed books or monographs on this field are in demand. Contribution of the authors from different countries who are sharing their experience and their own data will increase the attention and focus on clinical neurophysiology.
I am pleased to contribute to the book, “Electrodiagnosis in New Frontiers of Clinical Research” edited by Dr Hande Turker who I know personally and I have followed her academic progress for long time. I had the opportunity to work with her in our Department of Clinical Neurophysiology. She is always full of original ideas and the curiosity that science demands.
In this book chapters relate to different aspects of clinical neurophysiology. I am sure that the book will cover an important necessity of clinical neurophysiologists.

Gulseren Akyuz, M.D., Professor
Department of Physical Medicine and 
Rehabilitation and Clinical Neurophysiology
Marmara University School of Medicine
Istanbul, TURKEY



 1 Overview of the Application of EMG Recording in the Diagnosis and Approach of Neurological Disorders 1 Yunfen Wu, María Ángeles Martínez Martínez and Pedro Orizaola Balaguer

 2 Characteristics of the F-Wave and H-Reflex in Patients with Cerebrovascular Diseases: A New Method to Evaluate Neurological Findings and Effects of Continuous Stretching of the Affected Arm 25 Toshiaki Suzuki, Tetsuji Fujiwara, Makiko Tani and Eiichi Saitoh

 3 Different Types of Fibrillation Potentials in Human Needle EMG 43 Juhani Partanen

 4 Experimental and Simulated EMG Responses in the Study of the Human Spinal Cord 57 Rinaldo André Mezzarane, Leonardo Abdala Elias, Fernando Henrique Magalhães, Vitor Martins Chaud and André Fabio Kohn

 5 Clinical Quantitative Electromyography 89 Tameem Adel and Dan Stashuk

 6 Age-Related Neuromuscular Adjustments Assessed by EMG 113 Adalgiso Coscrato Cardozo, Mauro Gonçalves, Camilla Zamfolini Hallal and Nise Ribeiro Marques

 7 SYNERGOS: A Multiple Muscle Activation Index 131 Amir Pourmoghaddam, Daniel P O’Connor, William H Paloski and Charles S Layne

 8 How Deep Should You Squat to Maximise a Holistic Training Response? Electromyographic, Energetic, Cardiovascular, Hypertrophic and Mechanical Evidence 155 Gerard E. McMahon, Gladys L. Onambélé-Pearson, Christopher I. Morse, Adrian M. Burden and Keith Winwood

 9 Surface Electromyography in Sports and Exercise 175 Hande Türker and Hasan Sözen

 10 Evoked EMG Makes Measurement of Muscle Tone Possible by Analysis of the H/M Ratio 195 Satoru Kai and Koji Nakabayashi

 11 Underwater Electromyogram for Human Health Exercise 213 Koichi Kaneda, Yuji Ohgi, Mark Mckean and Brendan Burkett

 12 Recent Trends in EMG-Based Control Methods for Assistive Robots 237 R. A. R. C. Gopura, D. S. V. Bandara, J. M. P. Gunasekara and T. S. S. Jayawardane

 13 Simulator of a Myoelectrically Controlled Prosthetic Hand with Graphical Display of Upper Limb and Hand Posture 269 Gonzalo A. García, Ryuhei Okuno and Kenzo Akazawa

 14 Biofeedback with Pelvic Floor Electromyography as Complementary Treatment in Chronic Disorders of the Inferior Urinary Tract 287 B. Padilla-Fernandez, A. Gomez-Garcia, M. N. Hernandez-Alonso, M.B. Garcia-Cenador, J. A. Mirón-Canelo, A. Geanini-Yagüez, J. M. Silva-Abuin and M. F. Lorenzo-Gomez

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