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Enormous progress has been made in the science of Electrophysiology over the last two centuries or more. William Gilbert, the physician of Queen Elizabeth I, first introduced the term “electrica” in the year 1600, for objects that hold static electricity.
He derived it from the Greek word for amber (electra). The introduction of “bioelectricity” however, dates back to the works of Luigi Galvani in 1787, and his observations that a frog nerve-muscle preparation could be contracted by delivering electrical impulses.
From 1825, the development of sensitive galvanometers by Leopoldo Nobili made it possible to record charges and currents within the animal cells. Further investigations into the nature of “animal electricity” led to the demonstration of the resting heart muscle electrical currents by Carlo Matteucci in 1838, and this can truly be considered as the birth of cardiac electrophysiology.
In 1877, Augustus Desiree Waller was the first to record electric potentials associated with the beating heart from the body surface: the first human electrocardiogram. This was made possible by the invention of a capillary electrometer by Thomas Goswell, a technician in his laboratory.
During subsequent years, the outstanding evolution of recording techniques paved the way for better understanding of electrophysiological phenomena within the human organs, including the cardiovascular, ophthalmologic and neural systems. In the field of cardiac electrophysiology, the development of more and more sophisticated recording and mapping techniques made it possible to elucidate the mechanism of various cardiac arrhythmias. This has even led to the evolution of techniques to ablate and cure most complex cardiac arrhythmias. Nevertheless, there is still a long way ahead and this book can be considered a valuable addition to the current knowledge in subjects related to bioelectricity from plants to the human heart.

Saeed Oraii MD,
Cardiologist, Interventional Electrophysiologist
Tehran Arrhythmia Clinic, Teheran



 1 Electrophysiology of Woody Plants 1 Luis A. Gurovich

2 Pacemaker Currents in Dopaminergic Neurones of the Mice Olfactory Bulb 25 Angela Pignatelli, Cristina Gambardella, Mirta Borin, Alex Fogli Iseppe and Ottorino Belluzzi

 3 Hippocampal Slices and Their Electrophysiogy in the Study of Brain Energy Metabolism 51 Avital Schurr

 4 Evoked Potentials 83 Ahmet Akay

 5 Diagnostic Values of Electrophysiology in Ophthalmology 109 Morteza Movassat

 6 Right Ventricular Pacing and Mechanical Dyssynchrony 135 Kevin V. Burns, Ryan M. Gage and Alan J. Bank

 7 Noninvasive Imaging of Cardiac Electrophysiology (NICE) 157 Michael Seger, Bernhard Pfeifer and Thomas Berger

 8 Past, Present and Future Catheter Technologies and Energy Sources for Atrial Fibrillation Ablation 187 Inderpal Singh, Adam Price, Zachary Leshen and Boaz Avitall

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