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Over the last decade, it is becoming increasingly clear that diabetes mellitus is a global epidemic. The influence of diabetes is most readily apparent in its manifestation in foot complications across cultures and continents. In this unique collaboration of global specialists, we examine the explosion of foot disease in locations that must quickly grapple with both mobilizing medical expertise and shaping public policy to best prevent and treat these serious complications.
In other areas of the world where diabetic foot complications have unfortunately been all too common, diagnostic testing and advanced treatments have been developed in response. The bulk of this book is devoted to examining the newest developments in basic and clinical research on the diabetic foot. It is hoped that as our understanding of the pathophysiologic process expands, the devastating impact of diabetic foot complications can be minimized on a global scale.

Dr. Thanh Dinh
Assistant Professor, Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Podiatric Surgeon, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center



Part 1 Global Impact of Diabetic Foot Complications .

 1 Possible Diabetic-Foot Complications in Sub-Saharan Africa 3 Ezera Agwu, Ephraim O. Dafiewhare and Peter E. Ekanem

 2 Reducing Diabetic Foot Problems and Limb Amputation: An Experience from India 15 Sharad Pendsey

Part 2 Diagnostic Considerations in Diabetic Foot Complications .

3 Screening of Foot Inflammation in Diabetic Patients by Non-Invasive Imaging Modalities 27 Takashi Nagase, Hiromi Sanada, Makoto Oe, Kimie Takehara, Kaoru Nishide and Takashi Kadowaki

 4 Wound Fluid Diagnostics in Diabetic Foot Ulcers 47 Markus Löffler, Michael Schmohl, Nicole Schneiderhan-Marra and Stefan Beckert

 5 Wound Measurement in Diabetic Foot Ulceration 71 Julia Shaw and Patrick M. Bell

 6 The Temporary Orthesio-Therapy for Diabetic Foot 83 Richard Florence

 7 The Biomechanics of the Diabetic Foot 103 Dennis Shavelson

 8 A Protocol for Primary Podogeriatric Assessment for Older Patients with Diabetes Mellitus 129 Arthur E. Helfand

Part 3 Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcerations .

9 The Pathogenesis of the Diabetic Foot Ulcer: Prevention and Management 155 F. Aguilar Rebolledo, J. M. Terán Soto and Jorge Escobedo de la Peña

 10 Role of Nitric Oxide in Extracellular Matrix Metabolism and Inflammation in Diabetic Wound Healing 183 Victor L. Sylvia, Audra D. Myers, Brandon M. Seifert, Eric M. Stehly, Michael A. Weathers, David D. Dean and Javier LaFontaine

11 Nutritional Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers - A Key to Success 201 Patrizio Tatti and Annabel Barber

 12 Intralesional Human Recombinant Epidermal Growth Factor for the Treatment of Advanced Diabetic Foot Ulcer: From Proof of Concept to Confirmation of the Efficacy and Safety of the Procedure 217 Pedro A. López-Saura, Jorge Berlanga-Acosta, José I. Fernández-Montequín, Carmen Valenzuela-Silva, Odalys González-Díaz, William Savigne, Lourdes Morejon-Vega,
Amaurys del Río-Martín, Luis Herrera-Martínez, Ernesto López-Mola and Boris Acevedo-Castro

 13 Lactoferrin as an Adjunctive Agent in the Treatment of Bacterial Infections Associated with Diabetic Foot Ulcers 239 Maria Elisa Drago-Serrano, Mireya De la Garza and Rafael Campos-Rodríguez

 14 Charcot Neuro-Osteoarthropathy 271 A.C. van Bon

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