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Among the non-communicable diseases, cardiovascular disorders are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in both the developed and the developing countries.
The spectrum of risk factors is wide and their understanding is imperative to prevent the first and recurrent episodes of myocardial infarction, stroke or peripheral vascular disease which may prove fatal or disabling.
There is ample evidence from longitudinal studies to prove that cardiovascular diseases are preventable. Individuals with low levels of risk factors generally have a healthy lifestyle. Genetic factors have to be kept in mind when risk stratification is done for cardiovascular diseases. Despite our knowledge of risk factors, huge differences exist in the prevalence between populations within the same region, between men and women and in the racial and ethnic subgroups. Much of this variability is explained on the basis of behavioral and cultural differences rather than genetic or clinical reason. Moreover, risk factors are frequently redefined as newer research throws light on interventions and their results.
This book has tried to present an update on risk factors incorporating new research which has thrown more light on the existing knowledge. It has also tried to highlight regional diversity addressing such issues. It will hopefully be resourceful to the cardiologists, general practitioners, family physicians, researchers, graduate students committed to cardiovascular risk prevention.

Dr. Mehnaz Atiq
Division of Cardiac Services
Aga Khan University Hospital
Karachi, Pakistan



 1 Lipoprotein (a) and Cardiovascular Risk 1 José Antonio Díaz Peromingo

 2 Remnant Lipoproteins are a Stronger Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Events than LDL-C – From the Studies of Autopsies in Sudden Cardiac Death Cases 15 Katsuyuki Nakajima and Masaki Q. Fujita

 3 Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Liver Transplantation 37 Anna Rossetto, Umberto Baccarani and Vittorio Bresadola

 4 Pathogenesis of Renovascular Hypertension: Challenges and Controversies 49 Blake Fechtel, Stella Hartono and Joseph P. Grande

 5 Cardiovascular Disease in Inflammatory Disorders – Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis 67 Aizuri Murad and Anne-Marie Tobin

 6 Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Elderly Normolipidaemic Acute Myocardial Infarct Patients 83 Arun Kumar

 7 Erectile Dysfunction Complicating Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Disease 99 Irekpita Eshiobo, Emeka Kesieme and Taofik Salami

 8 Vascular Dysfunction in Women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss 123 Mikiya Nakastuka

 9 The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Status – A Risk Factor for Future Cardiovascular Disease 151 Ioana Ilie, Razvan Ilie, Lucian Mocan, Carmen Georgescu, Ileana Duncea, Teodora Mocan, Steliana Ghibu and Cornel Iancu

 10 Premature Atherosclerosis Long After Kawasaki Disease 201 Nobutaka Noto and Tomoo Okada

 11 Dysmetabolic Syndrome 219 Elvira Craiu, Lucia Cojocaru, Andrei Rusali, Razvan Maxim and Irinel Parepa

 12 The Relationship Between AST/ALT Ratio and Metabolic Syndrome in Han Young Adults – AST/ALT Ratio and Metabolic Syndrome 247 Qiang Lu, Xiaoli Liu, Shuhua Liu, Changshun Xie, Yali Liu and Chunming Ma

 13 On the Mechanism of Action of Prolylcarboxypeptidase 255 B. Shariat-Madar, M. Taherian and Z. Shariat-Madar

 14 Adolescent Obesity Predicts Cardiovascular Risk 275 Jarosław Derejczyk, Barbara Kłapcinska, Ewa Sadowska-Krepa, Olga Stepien-Wyrobiec, Elzbieta Kimsa and Katarzyna Kempa

 15 Peculiarities of Coronary Artery Disease in Athletes 291 Halna du Fretay Xavier, Akoudad Hafid, Hamadou Ouceyni and Benhamer Hakim

 16 Blood Pressure Regulation During Bathing: Is There a Cardiovascular Risk? 309 Takeshi Otsuki and Yasuko Okuda

 17 Sagittal Abdominal Diameter as the Anthropometric Measure of Cardiovascular Risk 319 Edita Stokic, Biljana Srdic, Vladimir Brtka and Dragana Tomic-Naglic

 18 The Use of Reynolds Risk Score in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in Apparently Healthy Bosnian Men and Women: Cross-Sectional Study 341 Asija Zaciragic

 19 The Assessment of Prevalence of Hypertension as Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Adult Population 359 Aida Pilav

 20 Theoretical Identification of Behavioral Risk Factors Among Multiple Risk Factors Causing Morning Onset of Cardiac Events due to Circadian Variations 383 Fumiko Furukawa and Tatsuya Morimoto

 21 Health Related Quality of Life in Coronary Patients 399 María Dueñas, Alejandro Salazar, Begoña Ojeda and Inmaculada Failde

 22 Anger, Hostility and Other Forms of Negative Affect: Relation to Cardiovascular Disease 415 Marco A.A. Torquato Jr., Bruno P.F. de Souza, Dan V. Iosifescu and Renerio Fraguas

 23 “Recognizing Hunger” – A Training to Abate Insulin Resistance, Associated Subclinical Inflammation and Cardiovascular Risks 437 Mario Ciampolini

 24 Effects of Dietary Fiber Intake on Cardiovascular Risk Factors 459 Sara Arranz, Alex Medina-Remón, Rosa M. Lamuela-Raventós and Ramón Estruch

 25 Mediterranean Diet and Gene-Mediterranean Diet Interactions in Determining Intermediate Cardiovascular Disease Phenotypes 489 Mercedes Sotos Prieto

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