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Sarcoidosis is a sort of inflammation that takes place in various locations of the human body for no known reason. Normally, when foreign materials or microorganisms enter the body, the immune system retaliates by starting an immune response. Inflammation is a regular part of this immune response that subsides once the antigen is gone. In sarcoidosis, the inflammation continues, and immune cells form abnormal tissue called granulomas. Although the disease can affect any organ, it is most likely to occur in the lungs i.e. the skin, eyes, liver, or lymph nodes. The etiology of sarcoidosis is not known; study suggests that it may be caused by an extreme immune response or sensitivity to some elements and seems to have a hereditary component as well.
When sarcoidosis occurs in the lungs, it can lead to wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Other possible signs and symptoms that affect other body systems include night sweats, fever, weight loss, and seizures. Some cases of sarcoidosis resolve spontaneously, while others may last indefinitely. Treatment of sarcoidosis is intended to reduce inflammation and usually contains corticosteroids and immunosuppression treatment.
As a recent comprehensive book relating to sarcoidosis working on the afore-mentioned issues was lacking, INTECH took the possibility to search out top experts on the subject worldwide in order to collate data and publish a diagnostic and management update with this mysterious disease. To this end more than 30 contemporary scientists worldwide were consulted. Based on their precise part of expertise and recently published research indexed in PUBMED, each contributed generously to a section of this book. This book has 5 basic sections: Immunology, Diagnosis, Management, Extrapulmonary Sarcoidosis and Sarcoid-like Reactions. It includes 17 chapters which cover the topics of: Immunopathogenesis and antigen pathway of sarcoidosis, Diagnostic Approaches in Sarcoidosis, Imaging in Sarcoidosis, Bronchoalveolar lavage and sampling, Treatment update in pulmonary sarcoidosis, Prognostic Factors in Sarcoidosis, Lung Transplantation, Extrapulmonary Sarcoidosis (skin, face, mouth, heart, brain, spine) and Sarcoid-like reactions.
For me, it was indeed both an honor and a privilege to work with these noble researchers. Anyone who has authored a book knows how hard a task it is to compile,complete, edit and publish it. This indeed was a great undertaking on behalf of INTECH and the international authors and collaborators. I hereby express my gratitude and sincere appreciation to each and every one of them for their unyielding and relentless efforts in this arduous task. I would like to also thank INTECH open access publisher, Ms. Ana Nikolic Head of Editorial Consultants and the Publishing Managers Mr. Niksa Mandic and Ms. Martina Blecic for their kind help throughout the past 12 months without which this undertaking would not have been possible.

Mohammad Hosein Kalantar Motamedi
Professor, Trauma Research Center,
Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran,
IR Iran


Part 1 Immunology Of Sarcoidosis .

 1 Immunopathogenesis of Sarcoidosis 3 Giorgos A. Margaritopoulos, Foteini N. Economidou, Nikos M. Siafakas and Katerina M. Antoniou

 2 Immunopathogenesis and Presumable Antigen Pathway of Sarcoidosis: A Comprehensive Approach 21 Atsushi Kurata

Part 2 Sarcoidosis Diagnosis .

 3 Basic Diagnostic Approaches in Sarcoidosis 37 Louis Gerolemou and Peter R. Smith

 4 Diagnosis of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis 47 Tiberiu Shulimzon and Matthew Koslow

 5 Imaging in Sarcoidosis 71 M. Reza Rajebi, Nicole A. Zimmerman, Roozbeh Sharif, Ernest M. Scalzetti, Stuart A. Groskin and Rolf A. Grage

 6 Bronchoalveolar Lavage and Sampling in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis 101 Edvardas Danila

Part 3 Management Of Sarcoidosis .

 7 Updated Guidelines for the Treatment of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis 125 Luis Jara-Palomares, Candela Caballero-Eraso, Alicia Díaz-Baquero and Jose Antonio Rodríguez-Portal

 8 Prognostic Factors in Sarcoidosis 137 Wojciech J. Piotrowski

 9 Lung Transplantation for Pulmonary Sarcoidosis 163 Dominic T. Keating

Part 4 Extrapulmonary Sarcoidosis .

 10 Clinical Features of Skin 191 Dilek Biyik Ozkaya

 11 Acquired Ichthyosiform Erythrodermia Sarcoidosis 199 Hui-Jun Ma

 12 Orofacial Sarcoidosis and Granulomatosis 203 Mohammad Hosein Kalantar Motamedi, Mohammad Ghasem Shams and Taghi Azizi

 13 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Management of Cardiac Sarcoidosis -Application of High Resolution Electrocardiography 217 Kenji Yodogawa

 14 Neurological Sarcoidosis 223 J. Chad Hoyle and Herbert B. Newton

 15 Spinal Cord Sarcoidosis Accompanied with Compressive Cervical Myelopathy 239 Yoshihito Sakai, Yukihiro Matsuyama and Shiro Imagama

Part 5 Sarcoid-Like Reactions .

 16 Sarcoid-Like Reactions 253 Shweta Nag

 17 Granulomatosis and Cancer 269 Michel Pavic and Florian Pasquet

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