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Public health is a major health discipline in the world. Defined as the science and art of preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of the society, organizations (public and private), communities and individuals, this discipline has been renewed by the incorporation of multiple actors, professions, knowledge areas, as well as being impacted and promoted by multiple technologies, particularly information ones. As a changing field of knowledge, public health requires evidence-based information and regular updates, even more in the context of a world in epidemiological transition. Health impacts of climate change are currently in the quest of the Millennium Development Goals, and most of them are related to the activities of public health. “Current Topics in Public Health” presents updated information on multiple topics related to actual areas of interest in this growing and exciting medical science, with the conception and philosophy that we are working to improve the health of the population, rather than treating diseases of individual patients; taking decisions about collective health care that are based on the best available, current, valid and relevant evidence; and finally within the context of available resources. Public health should be a complex science helping in the decision, actions and changes in the health of the world. In a globalized society this is emphasized not just in a particular nation but in the whole world.
Public health topics can diverge from basic aspects of this discipline to multiple applications in very specialized related fields. With these conceptions in mind, this book includes different topics on public health of current international interest, trying to update the most significant research in many of them as well as to offer a multinational perspective on different aspects. This book has been organized in 8 major sections: I) Methods in Public Health; II) Healthcare Systems; III) Evidence-based Public Health; IV) Communicable Diseases in Public Health; V) Non-Communicable Diseases in Public Health; VI) Environmental Public Health; VII) Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacosurveillance in Public Health; and VIII) Research, Ethics, Social and Teaching Issues in Public Health.
Section I includes topics covering from epidemiological and statistical analyses up to the implications of new technologies in public health research. Section II includes topics covering experiences from different countries in healthcare systems research. Section III includes topics on philosophy of evidence-based medicine applied to public health, clinical epidemiology and evidence assessment in public health. Section IV includes topics on the epidemiology of infectious diseases, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), human papiloma virus (HPV), tuberculosis, and viral haemorrhagic fevers. Section V includes topics on the burden of chronic diseases of global relevance such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. 
Section VI includes topics related to different environmental issues of relevance for the public health. Section VII includes a topic on antibiotic pharmacosurveillance. And finally, section VIII in cludes chapters about issues on research, as well on social epidemiology and related fields, ethical issues and on the teaching in public health.

Following the same philosophy as we had on the previous book, “Current Topics in Tropical Medicine” (Rodriguez-Morales AJ, 2012), this books does not intend to be an exhaustive compilation and this first edition has included not just multiple different topics but also a wide geographical participation from many countries. Its online availability allows it to reach a wide audience in the world. This book has been endorsed by the Council of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Pereira, Colombia (Meeting No. 014, July 17, 2012). Continuing on the series of “Current Topic” books, now, we are planning to develop “Current Topics in Infectious Diseases”, so if you are interested in participate in this endeavor as an author of one or more chapter, please contact us.
I would like to give especial thanks to InTech, and particularly to Ana Nikolic, Dragana Manestar and Sandra Bakic, for the opportunity to edit this interesting and important book, as well for their constant support. I want to dedicate this book to my family and particularly to my lovely wife, Diana, my strongest support; she provides everything in my life; and also to my friends and my undergraduate and postgraduate students of health sciences in Venezuela, Colombia and around Latin America.
We hope our readers will enjoy this publication as much as I did reading the chapters of “Current Topics in Public Health”.

Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales
Infection and Immunity Research Group and Department of Community Medicine,
Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Pereira,
Risaralda, Colombia
Office of Scientific Research,
Cooperativa de Entidades de Salud de Risaralda (COODESURIS),
Pereira, Colombia
Instituto José Witremundo Torrealba, Universidad de Los Andes,
Trujillo, Venezuela



Section 1 Methods in Public Health .

 1 Academic' Policy Briefings: What Determines Health Researchers' Involvement in Public Health Policy Informing? 3 Jalila Jbilou, Réjean Landry, Salah-Eddine El Adlouni and Nabil Amara

 2 Bayesian Approach in Medicine and Health Management 17 Emanuela Barbini, Pietro Manzi and Paolo Barbini

 3 Causal Inference with Intermediates: Simple Methods for Principal Strata Effects and Natural Direct Effects 37 Yasutaka Chiba and Etsuji Suzuki

 4 Use of Analytical Methods and In-silico Techniques in Public Health Research 61 Peter Papoh Ndibewu and Prince Ngobeni

 5 From Creativity to Artificial Neural Networks: Problem-Solving Methodologies in Hospitals 83 Pietro Manzi and Paolo Barbini

Section 2 Healthcare Systems .

 6 Knowledge Management in Canadian Healthcare Organizations: How Do Knowledge Brokers Perform? 103 Réjean Landry, Jalila Jbilou, Nabil Amara and Salaheddine El Adlouni

 7 The Need to Measure and Manage the Cumulative Impacts of Resource Development on Public Health: An Australian Perspective 125 Susan Kinnear, Zobaidul Kabir, Julie Mann and Lisa Bricknell

 8 Health Care Waste Management – Public Health Benefits, and the Need for Effective Environmental Regulatory Surveillance in Federal Republic of Nigeria 149 Nkechi Chuks Nwachukwu, Frank Anayo Orji and Ositadinma Chinyere Ugbogu

 9 Characterisation of Dental Waste in Tertiary Dental Hospitals: A Third World Example 179 Michael Adewole Adedigba, Isaiah Adesola Oke and Regina Arobieke

 10 Nursing and Public Health in Developing Countries 201 Carmen Luisa Betancur P.

 11 The Financing of Public Health 225 Jason S. Turner, Simone Singh, Connie Evashwick and Steve Eastaugh

Section 3 Evidence-Based Public Health .

 12 Clinical Epidemiology and Its Relevance for Public Health in Developing Countries 241 Cristian Díaz-Vélez, Víctor Soto-Cáceres, Ricardo E. Peña-Sánchez, Moisés A. Apolaya Segura and Edén Galán-Rodas

 13 Evidence Based Public Health 283 Ajay K Parsaik and Balwinder Singh 

Section 4 Communicable Diseases in Public Health .

 14 Public Health, Infection and Infectious Agents: The Etiology is Seemingly Always ‘Clever’ 299 Erasto Vitus Mbugi

 15 Epidemiological Burden of Tuberculosis in Developing Countries 317 Diana M. Castañeda-Hernández and Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales

 16 Beating Cervical Cancer in the Developed Countries: A Dream or a Reality? 341 Mosiur Rahman, Abdur R. Mia, Syed Emdadul Haque, Mostofa Golam, Nowsheen Sharmin Purabi and S. A. R. Choudhury

 17 Burden of Human Papillomavirus Infection in Latin America 359 Juan Carlos Sepúlveda-Arias and Adalucy Álvarez-Aldana

 18 Haemorrhagic Fevers Transmitted by Vectors in the Neotropics 381 Salim Mattar, Nelson Alvis and Marco Gonzalez

Section 5 Non-Communicable Diseases in Public Health .

 19 Burden of Cardiovascular Disease in Colombia 403 Adrián Bolívar-Mejía and Boris E. Vesga-Angarita

 20 Topics in Prevention of Diseases in Gastroenterology 423 Leonardo Sosa Valencia and Erika Rodriguez-Wulff

Section 6 Environmental Public Health .

 21 Pathogen Management in Surface Waters: Practical Considerations for Reducing Public Health Risk 445 Matthew R. Hipsey and Justin D. Brookes

 22 Biological Responses of in vivo Studies to Contaminants: A Contribution to Improve Public Health Knowledge 477 Maria de Lourdes Pereira, Irvathur Krishnananda Pai and Fernando Garcia e Costa

 23 Atmospheric Nanoparticles and Their Impacts on Public Health 503 Klara Slezakova, Simone Morais and Maria do Carmo Pereira

 24 Cyanobacterial Toxins in Food-Webs: Implications for Human and Environmental Health 531 John Berry

Section 7 Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacosurveillance in Public Health .

 25 Epidemiology of Patients Diagnosed with Prescription and Non-Prescription Drug Overdose at the Riyadh Security Forces Hospital Between January 2007 and December 2011 593 Naser Al-Jaser, M. Cli. Epi and Niyi Awofeso

Section 8 Research, Ethics, Social and Teaching Issues in Public Health .

 26 Contribution of Biomedical Research Ethics in Public Health Advances 625 CN Fokunang, EA Tembe-Fokunang, M. Djuidje Ngounoue, P.C. Chi, J Ateudjieu, Awah Pascal, G. Magne, N.M. Ndje, O.M.T. Abena, D. Sprumont and Kaptue Lazare

 27 The Role of Ethics in Public Health Clinical Research 661 C. N. Fokunang, E. A. Tembe-Fokunang, P. Awah, M. Djuidje Ngounoue, P. C. Chi, J. Ateudjieu, R. Langsi, Lazare Kaptue and O. M. T. Abena

 28 Mental Health and Social Capital: Social Capital as a Promising Initiative to Improving the Mental Health of Communities 685 Emma Bassett and Spencer Moore

 29 Communicating, Motivating and Teaching the Significance of Public Health 709 Claudia Marin-Kelso

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