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Edited by Francisco Ramón Breijo-Márquez .

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160 pages .

The book coversthe most prevalent causes and current treatments of endocarditis, as well as the cases when the organs remote from the heart are affected by this disease.
As we know, endocarditis is an inflammation of the lining of the heart chambers and valves (endocardium) caused either by infectious or non-infectious diseases.
Endocarditis can also involve the heart muscle, valves or lining of the heart. Most people who develop endocarditis have had a heart valve abnormality. Risk factors for developing endocarditis can be various and include injection drug use, placement of permanent access roads in the veins, after valve surgery, recent dental surgery, and weakened valves. Bacterial infection is the most common source of endocarditis. It can also be caused by fungi, although in some cases no cause can be identified. 
From my standpoint, all these topics have been covered comprehensively in this book. I fervently hope that reading it would be as enjoyable and informative for the readers as it has been for me.

Prof. Dr Francisco Ramón Breijo-Márquez
Titular Professor of Clinical and Experimental Cardiology
Commemorative Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts,



 1 An Overview on Endocarditis 1 Breijo-Marquez and M. Pardo Rios

 2 Infective Endocarditis in the Elderly 9 Lucy Miller and Jim George

 3 Pathogenesis of Endocarditis – Bacteraemia of Oral Origin 19 Inmaculada Tomás-Carmona and M. Álvarez-Fernández

 4 Platelet-Bacterial Interactions as Therapeutic Targets in Infective Endocarditis 51 Steven W. Kerrigan and Dermot Cox

 5 NVS and Staphylococci in the Oral Cavity – A Cause of Infective Endocarditis 75 Yuko Ohara-Nemoto, Shigenobu Kimura and Takayuki K. Nemoto

 6 Antibiotics Against Endocarditis – Past, Present and Future (Experimental Data) 97 Cédric Jacqueline, Gilles Amador, Eric Batard, Virginie Le Mabecque, Gilles Potel and Jocelyne Caillon

 7 Ocular Complications of Endocarditis 125 Ozlem Sahin

 8 Radiology in Infective Endocarditis 147 C. Prados, C. Carpio, A. Santiago, I. Silva and R. Álvarez-Sala

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