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Myocarditis is among the most common causes of non-congenital, non ischemic sudden death in otherwise normal, healthy young adults. Myocarditis is heterogeneous disease, most patients recover spontaneously, but some forms of myocarditis are very serious and could be fatal. Additionally, some myocarditis patients develop dilated cardiomyopathy. This book provides a compendium of studies from leading international experts on various aspects of myocarditis. It consists of 20 chapters in three sections.
In the first section, we have included chapters providing clinical perspectives on myocarditis. Here, readers can find comprehensive reviews summarizing the causes of myocarditis, its classification, diagnosis and treatment. The part also includes a chapter that focuses on perimyocarditis and its causes, presentation and clinical management. It also includes a comprehensive review of Chagas' chronic myocarditis, another important type of myocarditis. We have also included a chapter discussing myocarditis in HIV positive patients, with an emphasis on imaging techniques in diagnosis, and a chapter on supporting treatment for myocardial ischemia using angiopoietin-1.
The second part of the book is dedicated to the pathogenesis of myocarditis. The chapters in this part also discuss some clinical findings, but mostly focus on the underlying mechanism of the disease, using in-depth data from mouse models. Some of the chapters focus on host immune response. For example, one chapter reviews the role of pattern-recognition receptors in myocarditis, and another chapter examines the role of lymphocyte effectors in myocarditis pathogenesis. Other chapters in this part provide in-depth the myocarditis pathogenesis from the perspective of damage induced by an infectious agent and discuss the pathways and mechanisms activated during the viral infection. The second part also includes a chapter discussing the link between exposure to tobacco smoke and viral myocarditis.
Finally, the third part focuses on promising topics for future research and clinical care. It discusses new findings in disease pathogenesis that could lead to new directions for clinical diagnosis and treatment of myocarditis. First chapter discusses biomarkers of heart failure in myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy. Another chapter is dedicated to identifying proteins that could be used as diagnostic markers or therapeutic targets.

Next chapter discusses how electroanatomical mapping may guide endomyocardial biopsy and increase sensitivity of the biopsy. It has been long suspected that acute myocarditis or other acute cardiac injury can trigger autoimmune reaction against some heart antigens, one of the chapters of this section discuss ongoing clinical study that is addressing this question. The final chapter focuses on new perspectives for myocarditis therapy.

Daniela Cihakova, MD, PhD
Immunologic Disorders Laboratory
The Johns Hopkins University



Part 1 Myocarditis from Clinical Perspective .

 1 Clinical Presentation 3 Rafid Fayadh Al-Aqeedi

 2 Myocarditis in Childhood: An Update on Etiology, Diagnosis and Management 39 Vedide Tavli and Baris Guven

 3 Acute Myocarditis in Emergency Medicine 69 Yukihiro Ikegami and Choichiro Tase

 4 Viral Myocarditis: Physiopathology and Diagnosis 87 Laurent Andréoletti

 5 Perimyocarditis 105 Hesham R. Omar, Hany Abdelmalak, Engy Helal and Ahmed Fathy

 6 Pathogenesis and Pathology of Chagas' Chronic Myocarditis 119 Julián González, Roberto Guerri-Guttenberg, Daniel Grana, Francisco Azzato and José Milei

 7 Myocarditis in HIV Positive Patients 151 Simona Claudia Cambrea

 8 Exacerbation of Viral Myocarditis by Tobacco Smoke: The Catecholamine Hypothesis 169 Nicolas Hanabergh and James P. Morgan

 9 Angiopoietin-1 for Myocardial Angiogenesis 183 Vien Khach Lai, Muhammad Zeeshan Afzal, Muhammad Ashraf and Khawaja Husnain Haider

Part 2 Pathogenesis of Myocarditis .

 10 Pattern-Recognition Receptors Sensing Viral Infection in Myocarditis and Inflammatory Heart Disease 201 Volker Ruppert and Thomas Meyer

 11 Innate Lymphocyte Effectors (Natural Killer, Natural Killer T and γδ T Cells) in Infection and Myocarditis 217 S.A. Huber

 12 The Key Players of Coxsackievirus-Induced Myocarditis 243 Pamela J. Lincez, Marine Walic and Marc S. Horwitz

 13 Cellular and Immunological Regulation of Viral Myocarditis 269 David Marchant, Farshid S. Garmaroudi and Bruce M. McManus

 14 Impaired Cardiac Function in Viral Myocarditis 293 Jerry Wong and Honglin Luo

 15 Experimental Autoimmune Myocarditis: Role of Renin Angiotensin System 309 Kenichi Watanabe, Somasundaram Arumugam, Rajarajan A. Thandavarayan and Makoto Kodama

Part 3 Recent Advances in Myocarditis .

 16 Biomarkers of Heart Failure in Myocarditis and Dilated Cardiomyopathy 323 DeLisa Fairweather, Eric D. Abston and Michael J. Coronado

 17 A Proteomic Approach to Investigate Myocarditis 349 Andrea Carpentieri, Chiara Giangrande, Piero Pucci and Angela Amoresano

 18 Myocarditis Presenting with Ventricular Arrhythmias: Role of Electroanatomical Mapping-Guided Endomyocardial Biopsy in Differential Diagnosis 365 Maurizio Pieroni, Costantino Smaldone and Fulvio Bellocci

 19 Acute Myocarditis – A Trigger of Cardiac Autoimmunity? Expected Insights from the Etiology, Titre-Course, and Effect on Survival of Cardiac Autoantibodies (ETiCS) Study 387 Roland Jahns, Nikolas Deubner, Valérie Biovin, Alida L.P. Caforio, Stephan B. Felix, Michael Fu, Martin J. Lohse, and Georg Ertl

 20 Nucleic Acid-Based Strategies for the Treatment of Coxsackievirus-Induced Myocarditis 403 Decheng Yang

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