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Medicine is an ever-changing science. In this regard, Respiratory medicine is not an exception and has been evolving during recent years. As new research broadens our knowledge, advanced methods for diagnoses are better understood, providing genetic and underlying pathophysiology of diseases and new clinical experiences.
Consequently, publications of new resources along with revisions of previous ones are required. Although respiratory textbooks might clearly describe several aspects of respiratory disease, most of them contain significant information regarding both common and uncommon diseases and disorders. Additionally, some of them are not available or easily accessible in all countries.
In Respiratory Diseases, we introduce and describe common respiratory disorders in a more simplistic manner. Before being published, we reviewed different proposals of different chapters from several authors. Accepted proposals were then developed into chapters for this book which opens with a clinical scenario that presents the results of these authors' findings.
There are many disorders we have not yet reviewed and many more to come. After years of producing systematic reviews, which will include the article that launched the evidence-based medicine movement, it is time for us to update and combine our work in one resource for learners and clinicians to enjoy in upcoming editions. However, the edition of this book provides more room to move and opportunity for young researchers and scientists through the world to gather, classify, and present their knowledge in this field.
I would like to thank my colleagues around the world who have encouraged this work and contributed to it. I give my thanks to Dr Ali Amini Harandi for his loyal assistance. I am grateful to my family, who supported my work on many nights and weekends in order to complete my portion of the book.
I would like to especially thank Ivana Zec, Publishing Process Manager and InTech for their support and organization.

Dr Mostafa Ghanei
Baqiyatollah University, Teheran,


Part 1 Respiratory Defense Mechanisms and Immunology .

 1 Cordyceps Extracts and the Major Ingredient, Cordycepin: Possible Cellular Mechanisms of Their Therapeutic Effects on Respiratory Disease 3 Chun-kit Fung and Wing-hung Ko

 2 Cellular Defences of the Lung: Comparative Perspectives 15 J.N. Maina

Part 2 of the Textbook : Lung Pathology and Inflammation .

 3 The Contrasting Roles of T Regulatory Cells in Bacterial Lung Diseases 61 Adam N. Odeh and Jerry W. Simecka

Part 3 of the Textbook : Obstructive Lung Diseases .

 4 Special Consideration in Treating Patients of Overlap Between Asthma and COPD 83 So Ri Kim and Yang Keun Rhee

Part 4 of the Textbook : Smoking Hazards and Cessation Protocols .

 5 Motivational Intervention and Nicotine Replacement Therapies for Smokers: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial 99 Jennifer Lira-Mandujano and Sara Eugenia Cruz-Morales

Part 5 of the Textbook : Interstitial Lung Diseases .

 6 Respiratory Diseases Among Dust Exposed Workers 131 Weihong Chen, Yuewei Liu, Xiji Huang and Yi Rong

Part 6 of the Textbook : Asthma .

 7 Oxidative Damage and Bronchial Asthma 151 Eva Babusikova, Jana Jurecekova, Andrea Evinova, Milos Jesenak and Dusan Dobrota

Part 7 of the Textbook : Viral Infections of the Respiratory System .

 8 An Overview of Management of URTI and a Novel Approach Towards RSV Infection 179 J.R. Krishnamoorthy, M.S. Ranjith, S. Gokulshankar, B.K. Mohanty, R. Sumithra, S. Ranganathan and K. Babu

 9 Variability of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Seasonality and Mortality 195 Michael J. Light

 10 Start of a Pandemic: Influenza A H1N1 Virus 217 Ma. Eugenia Manjarrez, Dora Rosete, Anjarath Higuera, Rodolfo Ocádiz-Delgado, José Rogelio Pérez-Padilla and Carlos Cabello

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