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Edited by Somnath Banerjee .

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ISBN 978-953-51-1086-6 .

A few topics in child mental health have sparked continued interest and controversy. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of them. ADHD is a developmental disorder of behavioural inhibition and self-regulation. Since its first description by George Frederick Still in 1902, this clinical diagnosis had many name changes as well as changes in the diagnosis criteria. Despite many researches the exact cause of ADHD is still not known. Epidemiological studies have estimated its prevalence between 5% and 10%. Many of our colleagues doubt if it even exists as an entity. There are stories in TV and media about its over-diagnosis and treatment with drugs that are life-threatening.
Despite this hue and cry, the diagnosis and management approach have very little changes over last 30 or 40 years. Despite some fine tuning in diagnosis and management, we still rely on clinical judgement to make the diagnosis and management plan. Children/ Adolescents with ADHD perceive the world differently from others. Awareness and understanding of this increasingly recognised entity is the need of the hour.
ADHD is primarily a condition of brain dysfunction, involving many sites in the brain. There is much more to ADHD than just hyperactivity. This book aims to encourage further reading and research in ADHD. ADHD is a combination of “nature” versus “nature”. The topics covered in the book plan to improve quality of lives in children with ADHD and in their family members. This book is intended to provide an overview rather than act as an exhaustive guide. It is hoped that many readers among mental health professionals all over the world will find this book to contribute in the field of ADHD. Finally this book would not have been possible without the able guidance of Ms Mirna Cvijic, the commissioning editor.

Dr Somnath Banerjee
MBBS, DCH, MRCPCH, MSc community Paediatrics, FRCPCH
Community Paediatrician
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
Dover, Kent, UK


Section 1 Introduction .

 1 ADHD Through Different Developmental Stages 3 Hojka Gregoric Kumperscak

 2 Neurodevelopmental Pathways of Childhood ADHD into Adulthood: Maturational Lag, Deviation, or Both? 21 Alban Burke and Amanda Edge

 3 Difficulties in Recognizing ADHD in an Urban Population and Treatment Satisfaction with a Short and a Long Acting Stimulant 51 Antigone Papavasiliou, Irene Nikaina, Anna Spyridonidou and Eleanna Nianiou

 4 Is ADHD a Stress-Related Disorder? Why Meditation Can Help 71 Sarina J. Grosswald

Section 2 ADHD - Role of Endocrine Hormones .

 5 The Potential Role of Neuroendocrine in Patients with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 95 Liang-Jen Wang and Chih-Ken Chen

 6 Dopamine and Glutamate Interactions in ADHD: Implications for the Future Neuropharmacology of ADHD 109 Erin M. Miller, Theresa C. Thomas, Greg A. Gerhardt and Paul E. A. Glaser

Section 3 ADHD - Assessment and Diagnosis .

 7 Clinical Phenomena of ADHD 141 Nitin Patel

 8 Review of Tools Used for Assessing Teachers’ Level of Knowledge with Regards Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 151 Marian Soroa, Arantxa Gorostiaga and Nekane Balluerka

Section 4 Drugs in ADHD .

 9 Effects of Methylphenidate in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Comparison of Behavioral Results and Event–Related Potentials 181 Ren Yan-ling and Dong Xuan

 10 The Impact of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in African-Americans; Current Challenges Associated with Diagnosis and Treatment 193 Rahn Kennedy Bailey and Ejike Kingsley Ofoemezie

Section 5 ADHD - Outcome .

 11 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a Barrier to Learning and Development within the South African Context: The Perspective of Teachers 215 Zaytoon Amod, Adri Vorster and Kim Lazarus

 12 ADHD Children’s Emotion Regulation in FACE© – Perspective (Facilitating Adjustment of Cognition and Emotion): Theory, Research and Practice 243 Smadar Celestin-Westreich and Leon-Patrice Celestin

 13 A Comparison Between Life Quality and Weight-Height Measurements of Patients, Under Stimulant and Non-Stimulant Treatment due to Attention-Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, and Healthy Population 285 Esra Ozdemir Demirci, Merve Cikili Uytun, Rabia Durmus and Didem Behice Oztop

Section 6 ADHD - Ethical Issues .

 14 Ethical Concerns Raised by Neuroscience, Labeling, and Intervening in the Lives of Individuals with ADHD 307 Debby Zambo .

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