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According to the most accurate definition, biotechnology is the scientific field of studying and applying the most efficient methods and techniques to get useful endproducts for the human society by using viable micro-organisms, cells and tissues of plants or animals, or even certain functional components of their organisms that are grown in fully controlled conditions, to maximize their specific metabolism inside fully automatic bioreactors.
Any other definition that does not emphasize the molecular, cellular, or tissue level of living organisms that are used in biotechnological applications through their selected cultures as well as the controlled micro-environment for their growing and development is not appropriate at all.
It is very important to make the specific difference between biotechnology as a distinct science of getting valuable products from molecules, cells, or tissues of viable organisms, and any other applications of bioprocesses that are based on using the whole living plants or animals in different fields of human activities such as bioremediation, environmental protection, organic agriculture, or industrial exploitation of natural resources.
This volume having the title ADVANCES IN APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY is a scientific book containing recent advances of selected research works that are ongoing in certain biotechnological applications. Fourteen chapters divided in four sections related to the newest biotechnological achievements in environmental protection, medicine and health care, biopharmaceutical producing, molecular genetics, and tissue engineering are presented in this book.
The first part refers to environmental biotechnology and includes two chapters regarding total recycling of agricultural and food wastes through the biodegradation and bioconversion processes that are performed by selected microbial species in controlled cultivation systems. The next chapter is dedicated to the biotechnology of biopolymer producing by saving energy comparing with the conventional chemical processes. The last two chapters of this first part are dedicated to food quality safety and preservation through the biosynthesized anti-bacterial compounds, and by keeping the phenols as functional molecules in foods.
In the second part, all chapters refer to the latest advances in microbial biotechnology to be used in recombinant protein production as well as heterologous protein biosynthesis.
The chapters included in the third section are focused on recent achievements in molecular biotechnology and genetic engineering.
In the final section, the chapters emphasize the main scientific results that were accomplished in tissue engineering as an important biotechnological tool in medicine and health care.
Additionally, I would like to thank each one of the chapter authors for their tremendous work to present the most valuable achievements in their specific activity fields, and I really hope the readers will appreciate the high scientific content of any chapter included in this book.
My special thanks are directed to Mr. Aleksandar Lazinica for his great kindness to invite me, after a rigorous selection process, to bring my scientific contribution to the publishing of this outstanding volume both as book editor and chapter author.
Last but not least, I would like to thank the whole staff of InTech Open Access Publishing, especially Ms Alenka Urbancic and Mr Igor Babic, for their professional assistance and technical support during the whole book processing.

Prof Marian Petre
University of Pitesti


Part 1 Biotechnology of Agricultural Wastes - Recycling, Saving Energy and Food Quality Preservation .

 1 Biotechnology of Agricultural Wastes Recycling Through Controlled Cultivation of Mushrooms 3 Marian Petre and Alexandru Teodorescu

 2 Total Recycle System of Food Waste for Poly-L-Lactic Acid Output 23 Kenji Sakai, Pramod Poudel and Yoshihito Shirai

 3 Making Green Polymers Even Greener: Towards Sustainable Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Agroindustrial By-Products 41 José G. C. Gomez, Beatriz S. Méndez, Pablo I. Nikel, M. Julia Pettinari, María A. Prieto and Luiziana F. Silva

 4 Fermentation Processes Using Lactic Acid Bacteria Producing Bacteriocins for Preservation and Improving Functional Properties of Food Products 63 Grazina Juodeikiene, Elena Bartkiene, Pranas Viskelis, Dalia Urbonaviciene, Dalia Eidukonyte and Ceslovas Bobinas

 5 Biological Activities and Effects of Food Processing on Flavonoids as Phenolic Antioxidants 101 Ioannou Irina and Ghoul Mohamed

Part 2 Microbial Biotechnology as an Effective Tool in Biopharmaceutical Production .

 6 Increasing Recombinant Protein Production in E. coli by an Alternative Method to Reduce Acetate 127 Hendrik Waegeman and Marjan De Mey

 7 Improvement of Heterologous Protein Secretion by Bacillus subtilis 145 Hiroshi Kakeshita, Yasushi Kageyama, Katsuya Ozaki, Kouji Nakamura and Katsutoshi Ara

 8 Approaches for Improving Protein Production in Multiple Protease-Deficient Bacillus subtilis Host Strains 163 Takeko Kodama, Kenji Manabe, Yasushi Kageyama, Shenghao Liu, Katsutoshi Ara, Katsuya Ozaki and Junichi Sekiguchi

 9 The Development of Cell-Free Protein Expression Systems and Their Application in the Research on Antibiotics Targeting Ribosome 177 Witold Szaflarski, Michał Nowicki and Maciej Zabel

Part 3 Molecular Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering .

 10 Built-In Synthetic Gene Circuits in Escherichia coli – Methodology and Applications 195 Bei-Wen Ying and Tetsuya Yomo

 11 Effect of Environmental Stresses on S-Layer Production in Lactobacillus acidophilus ATCC 4356 . Moj Khaleghi and Rouha Kasra Kermanshahi

 12 The Thermostable Enzyme Genes of the dTDP-L-Rhamnose Synthesis Pathway (rmlBCD) from a Thermophilic Archaeon 225 Maki Teramoto, Zilian Zhang, Motohiro Shizuma, Takashi Kawasaki, Yutaka Kawarabayasi and Noriyuki Nakamura

Part 4 Biotechnological Applications of Tissue Engineering .

 13 Magnetic Particles in Biotechnology: From Drug Targeting to Tissue Engineering 237 Amanda Silva, Érica Silva-Freitas, Juliana Carvalho, Thales Pontes, Rafael Araújo-Neto, Kátia Silva, Artur Carriço and Eryvaldo Egito

 14 Experimental Lichenology 257 Elena S. Lobakova and Ivan A. Smirnov .

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