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Edited by Norman H. L. Chiu and Theodore K. Christopoulos .

190 pages .
Open Access .
ISBN 978-953-51-0440-7 .

Over the past decade, the development and applications of immunoassays have continued to grow exponentially. This book focuses on some of the latest advances in immunoassay technology, which include new materials and methods. The book contains nine invited chapters that are divided into three sections. In the first section, the basics for producing recombinant antibodies, the use of polyacrylonitrile fibre as a solid surface, and the nature of interference in immunoassays are summarized. The second section begins with a chapter on the basic concepts of different types of immunosensors, some of which allow label-free detection of specific analytes. This is followed by chapters on piezoelectric immunosensors and surface plasmon resonance biosensors. A chapter on using nanopores as a label-free biosensing platform and its potential for immunosensing is also included in the second section. The third section starts with a chapter that describes different platforms for carrying out multiplexed immunoassays. This is followed by a chapter on the advantages and limitations of multiplexed bead immunoassays.
The Editors express their thanks and appreciation to the authors for their contributions to this book project. Moreover, they are thankful to the Editorial Office at InTech for their support. They are also grateful to the love and support from their families, and acknowledge the assistance from their co-workers. Last but not least, they wish to thank all their former teachers and mentors for sharing their knowledge and experience with them.

Dr. Norman H. L. Chiu
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro,

Dr. Theodore K. Christopoulos
Department of Chemistry,
University of Patras,


Part 1 New Materials and Assay Interference .

 1 Recombinant Antibodies and Non-Antibody Scaffolds for Immunoassays 3 Bhupal Ban and Diane A. Blake

 2 Polyacrylonitrile Fiber as Matrix for Immunodiagnostics 23 Swati Jain, Sruti Chattopadhyay, Richa Jackeray, Zainul Abid and Harpal Singh

 3 Interferences in Immunoassays 45 Johan Schiettecatte, Ellen Anckaert and Johan Smitz

Part 2 Label-Free Technologies .

 4 Fundamentals and Applications of Immunosensors 65 Carlos Moina and Gabriel Ybarra

 5 Capabilities of Piezoelectric Immunosensors for Detecting Infections and for Early Clinical Diagnostics 81 Tatyana Ermolaeva and Elena Kalmykova

 6 Label-Free Detection of Botulinum Neurotoxins Using a Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor 109 Hung Tran and Chun-Qiang Liu

 7 Immunoassays Using Artificial Nanopores 125 Paolo Actis, Boaz Vilozny and Nader Pourmand

Part 3 Multiplexing Technologies .

 8 Multiplexed Immunoassays 143 Weiming Zheng and Lin He

 9 Multiplexed Bead Immunoassays: Advantages and Limitations in Pediatrics 165 Emma Burgos-Ramos, Gabriel Ángel Martos-Moreno, Jesús Argente, Vicente Barrios .

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