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There has been a tremendous change in the outlook of surgical patients ever since laparoscopic surgery has come into practice. Surgeons all over the world have seen this change, for which there is a great deal of enthusiasm, and have shown an eagerness to learn this novel technique. Laparoscopic surgery has passed through different stages of evolution to reach its present status where it has earned the title of “Gold Standard” treatment for various surgical problems. The initial period of the learning curve has now been shortened substantially, and most centers are imparting training to budding surgeons all over the world. It has also become an integral part of the curriculum of surgical training in most degree/diploma-awarding institutes globally.
There were days when the scope of laparoscopic surgery was very limited, but improved skills, experience, and advancement in instrumentation has brought a phenomenal change so that there are hardly any contraindications to laparoscopic surgery left. Laparoscopic surgery is praised by surgeons and patients alike in terms of the length of hospital stay, pain, and overall cost. There is also an improvement in the cosmetic results of surgery evidenced by a scar of 10 centimeters, compared to virtually no scar at all. We have seen a parallel rise in the efficiency of surgeons as more and more surgeons have stepped into this new world of advanced technology.
This book is intended to highlight the advancements in the technique and scope of laparoscopic surgery. A number of new therapeutic, as well as diagnostic procedures, are being shared by many experts in this field. I hope that this book will be a lot of help for trainees, as well as those practicing laparoscopic surgery, to improve their knowledge and skills by sharing the experience of the people who have contributed to this book. My special thanks go to all the authors who were able to spare their valuable and precious time. I look forward to any suggestions for improvement on this book, and welcome any positive criticism to help improve upon this book in future.

Dr Arshad M. Malik
Liaquat University Of Medical 
and Health Sciences, Sindh,


Part 1 General  Laparoscopic Surgery Procedures .

 1 The Laparoscopic Appendectomy – A Recent Trend 3 Arshad M. Malik

 2 Laparoscopic Management of Difficult Cholecystectomy 13 Mushtaq Chalkoo, Shahnawaz Ahangar, Ab Hamid Wani, Asim Laharwal, Umar Younus, Faud Sadiq Baqal and Sikender Iqbal

 3 Laparoscopic Pancreatic Surgery 29 Jin-Young Jang

 4 Laparoscopy in Trauma Patients 43 Cino Bendinelli and Zsolt J. Balogh

Part 2 Laparoscopic Surgery Procedures in Urology .

 5 Laparoscopic Ureteroureterostomy 55 Oner Sanli, Tzevat Tefik and Selcuk Erdem

Part 3 Laparoscopic Surgery - Latest Techniques .

 6 Navigated Ultrasound in Laparoscopic Surgery 77 Thomas Langø, Toril N. Hernes and Ronald Mårvik

 7 Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery 99  Carus Thomas

Part 4 Laparoscopic Surgery Procedures in Pediatric .

 8 Laparoscopic Approach as an Alternative Option in Treatment of Pediatric Inguinal Hernia 119 B. Haluk Güvenç .

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