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Determining the expression of a given protein in specific cells, tissues, or distinct phases of cell cycle complemented by knowledge of its intracellular localization provides essential information pertinent to the biological function of the protein.
Immunocytochemistry has been an invaluable tool in revealing this information. Using specific antibodies targeted to specific antigens in situ (fixed and lastingly localized in native intracellular locations), immunocytochemistry not only reveals whether a protein is expressed in a cell or a group of cells, but also discloses its intracellular localization.
This technique has been employed many times in a vast array of cell biology experiments. Thus, it has experienced small modifications in different applications.
This book is devoted to this technique, its application in different cellular contexts, and its adaptations. Applications of Immunocytochemistry is a collection of writings from experts in different fields of biology, organized in 14 chapters, each introducing a distinct cellular context for the application of immunocytochemistry. In addition, some of the chapters include specific technical and background information on different steps of immunocytochemistry. A table of technical contents has been included to help the reader in finding this technical information.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the fine contribution of the authors. I also would like to thank Mrs Ana Skalamera, the Publishing Process Manager of this book, for her constant help and guidance. I hope that this book will be of great interest and use to researchers in all areas of cell biology.

Hesam Dehghani
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad,


Part 1 Study of Cellular Components and Analysis of Cellular Processes by Immunocytochemistry.

 1 Immunostaining of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels in Cell Lines and Neurons – Key Concepts and Potential Pitfalls 3 Elke Bocksteins, Andrew J. Shepherd, Durga P. Mohapatra and Dirk J. Snyders

 2 Optimizing Multiple Immunostaining of Neural Tissue 17 Araceli Diez-Fraile, Nico Van Hecke, Christopher J. Guérin and Katharina D’Herde

 3 Immunohistochemical Correlation of Novel Biomarkers with Neurodegeneration in Rat Models of Brain Injury 49 Shyam Gajavelli, Amade Bregy, Markus Spurlock, Daniel Diaz, Stephen Burks, Christine Bomberger, Carlos J. Bidot, Shoji Yokobori, Julio Diaz, Jose Sanchez-Chavez and Ross Bullock

 4 Immunoelectron Microscopy: A Reliable Tool for the Analysis of Cellular Processes 65 Ana L. De Paul, Jorge H. Mukdsi, Juan P. Petiti, Silvina Gutiérrez, Amado A. Quintar, Cristina A. Maldonado and Alicia I. Torres

 5 Immunocytochemistry of Cytoskeleton Proteins 97 Arzu Karabay, Şirin Korulu and Ayşegül Yıldız Ünal

 6 Immunocytochemical Approaches to the Identification of Membrane Topology of the Na+/Cl--Dependent Neurotransmitter Transporters 117 Chiharu Sogawa, Norio Sogawa and Shigeo Kitayama

 7 Immunocytochemical Tools Reveal a New Research Field Between the Boundaries of Immunology and Reproductive Biology in Teleosts 135 Alfonsa García-Ayala and Elena Chaves-Pozo

Part 2 Specific Applications of Immunocytochemistry .

 8 Immunocytochemistry in Early Mammalian Embryos 161 Hesam Dehghani

 9 Spermiomics: A New Term Describing the Global Survey of the Overall Sperm Function by the Combined Utilization of Immunocytochemistry, Metabolomics, Proteomics and Other Classical Analytical Techniques 179 Joan E. Rodríguez-Gil

 10 The Plasticity of Pancreatic Stellate Cells Could Be Involved in the Control of the Mechanisms that Govern the Neogenesis Process in the Pancreas Gland 207 Eugenia Mato, Maria Lucas, Silvia Barceló and Anna Novials

 11 Application of Immunocytochemistry to Sputum Cells to Investigate Molecular Mechanisms of Airway Inflammation 231 Kittipong Maneechotesuwan and Adisak Wongkajornsilp

 12 The Schwann Cell-Axon Link in Normal Condition or Neuro-Degenerative Diseases: An Immunocytochemical Approach 249 Alejandra Kun, Gonzalo Rosso, Lucía Canclini, Mariana Bresque, Carlos Romeo, Karina Cal, Aldo Calliari, Alicia Hanuz, José Roberto Sotelo-Silveira and José Roberto Sotelo

 13 Immunocytochemistry of Proteases in the Study of Leishmania Physiology and Host-Parasite Interaction 267 Raquel Elisa da Silva-López

 14 Immuno-Glyco-Imaging in Plant Cells: Localization of Cell Wall Carbohydrate Epitopes and Their Biosynthesizing Enzymes 297 Marie-Laure Follet-Gueye, Mollet Jean-Claude, Vicré-Gibouin Maïté, Bernard Sophie, Chevalier Laurence, Plancot Barbara, Dardelle Flavien, Ramdani Yasmina, Coimbra Silvia and Driouich Azeddine .

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