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Edited by Clio P. Mavragani .

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The term “Autoimmune disorders” refers to a heterogeneous and multifaceted group of diseases which can affect virtually any organ system of the human body. They all arise from a misdirected attack of the organism’s immune defenses against ”self molecules” initially designed to protect them, resulting in chronic inflammation, autoantibody formation and tissue damage. They can be divided into systemic (response against ubiquitous self antigens) and organ-specific (against specific organs).
Despite the unprecedented progress in the field of autoimmunity, the initial triggers for the aberrant immune reaction against “self” still remain to be defined. The interplay of environmental triggers, and an appropriate genetic makeup seem to be the prevailing belief for the pathogenesis of autoimmunity with many questions still unanswered. Furthermore, the contribution of autoimmune mechanisms in the generation of co-morbid conditions mainly manifested as cardiovascular burden or malignant transformation is currently a focus of intensive research.
The present edition entitled “Autoimmune disorders - Pathogenetic aspects” aims to present the current available evidence of etiopathogenetic insights of both systemic and organ specific autoimmune disorders, the crossover interactions among autoimmunity, cardiovascular morbidity and malignancy, as well as novel findings in the exciting fields of osteoimmunology and immunology of pregnancy.
We hope that this edition will provide a comprehensive overview of the recent advances in the field of autoimmunity, and at the same time foster further research efforts which will ultimately translate into better patient outcomes.

Clio P. Mavragani, MD
Department of Experimental Physiology,
School of Medicine,
University of Athens,


Part 1 of the Textbook : Pathogenesis of Systemic Autoimmune Disorders: Genetic and Enviromental Contributors .

 1 Autoimmune Diseases: The Role of Environment and Gene Interactions 3 Wellington K. Ayensu, Emmanuel O. Keku, Raphael D. Isokpehi, Ibrahim O. Farah, Chris A. Arthur and Sophia S. Leggett

 2 IRF-5 - A New Link to Autoimmune Diseases 35 Sujayita Roy and Paula M. Pitha

 3 SLAM Family Receptors and Autoimmunity 53 Jordi Sintes, Ricardo Bastos and Pablo Engel

 4 HLA and Citrullinated Peptides in Rheumatoid Arthritis 73 Iñaki Álvarez

 5 Cell Surface Glycans at SLE – Changes During Cells Death, Utilization for Disease Detection and Molecular Mechanism Underlying Their Modification 89 Bilyy Rostyslav, Tomin Andriy, Yaroslav Tolstyak, Havrylyuk Anna, Chopyak Valentina, Kit Yuriy and Stoika Rostyslav

 6 Regulatory T Cell Deficiency in Systemic Autoimmune Disorders – Causal Relationship and Underlying Immunological Mechanisms 111 Fang-Ping Huang and Susanne Sattler

 7 Postinfectious Autoimmune Syndrome as a Key Factor in Chronization of the Infectious Disease 127 Natalia Cherepahina, Murat Agirov, Jamilyia Tabaksoeva, Kusum Ahmedilova and Sergey Suchkov

 8 Contribution of Peroxynitrite, a Reactive Nitrogen Species, in the Pathogenesis of Autoimmunity 141 Rizwan Ahmad and Haseeb Ahsan

 9 Immunological Effects of Silica and Related Dysregulation of Autoimmunity 157 Naoko Kumagai, Hiroaki Hayashi, Megumi Maeda, Yoshie Miura, Hidenori Matsuzaki, Suni Lee, Yasumitsu Nishimura, Wataru Fujimoto and Takemi Otsuki

 10 Gut Microbiota - “Lost in Immune Tolerance” 175 Serena Schippa and Valerio Iebba

Part 2 of the Textbook : Pathogenetic Aspects of Organ Specific Autoimmune Diseases.

 11 Tolerance and Autoimmunity in Type 1 Diabetes 193 Valentina Di Caro, Nick Giannoukakis and Massimo Trucco

 12 Immunogenetics of Type 1 Diabetes 221 Rajni Rani

 13 Graves’ Disease - The Interaction of Lymphocytes and Thyroid Cells 245 Ben-Skowronek Iwona

 14 Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – Interactions of Lymphocytes, Thyroid Cells and Fibroblasts 257 Ben-Skowronek Iwona

 15 Autoimmunity in Vitiligo 271 E. Helen Kemp, Sherif Emhemad, David J. Gawkrodger and Anthony P. Weetman

Part 3 of the Textbook : Comorbidities of Autoimmune Disorders.

 16 Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Systemic Autoimmune Disorders 297 Giannelou M., Gravani F., Papadaki I., Ioakeimidis D. and Mavragani C.P.

 17 Chronic Periaortitis as a Systemic Autoimmune Disease 319 Chang-Hee Suh

 18 Endothelial Progenitor Cells: New Targets to Control Autoimmune Disorders 337 Sarah L. Brice, Andrew J. Sakko, Pravin Hissaria and Claudine S. Bonder

 19 Autoimmune Disorders and Lymphomas 355 Dolcetti R., Ponzoni M., Mappa S. and Ferreri A.J.M.

 20 A Possible Link Between Autoimmunity and Cancer 403 Erika Cristaldi, Giulia Malaguarnera, Alessandra Rando and Mariano Malaguarnera

Part 4 of the Textbook : Immunology of Pregnancy .

 21 Mechanism of Autoimmunity in Pregnancy - The Good and the Bad 437 Lotti Tajouri, Ekua W. Brenu, Donald R. Staines and Sonya M. Marshall-Gradisnik

 22 T Lymphocyte Characteristics and Immune Tolerance During Human Pregnancy 463 Gergely Toldi, András Treszl and Barna Vásárhelyi

Part 5 of the Textbook : Osteoimmunology .

 23 Osteoimmunology and Cancer - Clinical Implications 489 Evangelos Terpos, Maria Gkotzamanidou, Dimitrios Christoulas and Meletios A. Dimopoulos .

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