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Over the past two decades, there has been remarkable progress in the understanding of pathogenesis of rheumatic disease, which has in turn led to dramatic improvements in the ability to control inflammation. In documenting some of the advances that have taken place, this book demonstrates the therapeutic possibilities that fields such as pharmacogenomics might bring, while highlighting the current challenges in rheumatology, such as prevention of treatment-related opportunistic infection and the control of chronic pain.
The first section is concerned with the pathogenesis mechanisms that underlie rheumatic diseases, beginning with a review of autoantibodies and their role in disease pathogenesis. There is a chapter on adipokines; the inflammatory mediators produced by adipose tissue, and the relationship between metabolism and inflammation. The results of microarray studies are outlined within a review on gene expression profiling in rheumatoid arthritis. The role of vitamin D in autoimmune disease is deliberated and there is a chapter that examines the effects of rheumatoid arthritis on bone metabolism. The first section concludes with a review of great clinical relevance – the contribution of TNF inhibitors to the risk of infection in rheumatoid arthritis.
The second section narrows the focus to discuss various aspects of one particular rheumatic disease; Sjögren’s syndrome. This section is not intended to be a monograph on this disease, but more of a collection of reviews that put the spotlight on specific interesting facet of Sjögren’s syndrome: diagnosis and prognosis, mechanisms of decreased glandular secretion, oral manifestations and salivary proteomics.
The final section of the book moves away from somatic physiology and pathology and examines the impact of the rheumatic diseases on higher functions. The role of psychological stress in the presentation of rheumatic disease is reviewed, and there is a chapter on assessment and management of pain. The transition of JIA patients, from childhood to adulthood, is reviewed in the final chapter of this section.
The hope is, that this book will serve as a resource for those seeking comprehensive reviews of these topics. In its entirety, this book demonstrates the breadth and depth of knowledge that has been accumulated in rheumatology from the molecular level to the highest level of human function.

Dr. Andrew Harrsion
University of Otago,
New Zealand


Part 1 of the Textbook :  Pathogenic Mechanisms in Rheumatic Disease .

 1 Natural and Pathologic Autoantibodies 3 Péter Németh and Diána Simon

 2 Adipokines and Systemic Rheumatic Diseases: Linking Inflammation, Immunity and Metabolism 21 Morena Scotece, Javier Conde, Veronica Lopez, Rodolfo Gómez, Francisca Lago, Juan J Gómez Reino and Oreste Gualillo

 3 Gene Expression Profiling in Rheumatoid Arthritis 39 Cornelis L. Verweij and Saskia Vosslamber

 4 Vitamin D and Autoimmune Disease 63 Ayah M. Boudal and Suzan M. Attar

 5 Osteoporosis in Rheumatoid Arthritis 75 Alessandro Geraci

 6 Infectious Complications of Anti-Tumour Necrosis Factor-α Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis 93 Ioannis D. Xynos and Nikolaos V. Sipsas

 7 Pamidronate Treatment in Charcot Neuro-Osteoarthropathy: Change in Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover and Radiographic Outcome After Treatment 109 Ivonne Vázquez, Mireia Moreno and Marta Larrosa

Part 2 of the Textbook : Sjögren's Syndrome: Clinical and Immunological Aspects .

 8 Diagnostic and Prognostic Features of Sjögren’s Syndrome 123 Muhammad S. Soyfoo and Elie Cogan

 9 Oral Aspects of Sjögren’s Syndrome 149 Sertan Ergun

 10 Mechanisms of Salivary Gland Secretory Dysfunction in Sjögren’s Syndrome 171 Kaleb M. Pauley, Byung Ha Lee, Adrienne E. Gauna and Seunghee Cha

 11 Sjögren’s Syndrome: The Proteomic Approaches 193 Laura Giusti, Chiara Baldini, Laura Bazzichi, Stefano Bombardieri and Antonio Lucacchini

Part 3 of the Textbook : Psychosocial Considerations in Rheumatic Disease .

 12 The Pathogenetic Link Between Stress and Rheumatic Diseases 215 O. Malysheva and C.G.O. Baerwald

 13 Pain in Rheumatic Diseases 241 Susette Unger and Christoph Baerwald

 14 Transition of Care in Rheumatology: Managing the Rheumatic Patient from Childhood to Adulthood 255 Philomine van Pelt and Nico Wulffraat

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