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Trends in Immunolabelled and Related Techniques” is intended to present new concepts in immunolabelled techniques (IMLT) and to encourage more research on some already existing highly versatile ones, which seems to have been overlooked for a while.
Since their early developments IMLT have found their way with great success in biological scientific research. The pace of their progress over the years was great. For instance, the developments in ELISA since its discovery in the early seventies of the last century were immense. It was extensively utilized with great success in laboratory diagnosis and research in the medical field, veterinary medicine, agricultural sciences, biotechnology and in many fields of research where it could be applied.
This book encompasses two sections. One focuses on emerging immunolabelled methods such as: ‘utility of one step immunoassays, an immune chromatographic method’, ‘non-competitive immunoassays’, ‘ultra sensitive ELISA’, ‘modified ELISA’, ‘new views in evaluation of the detection limits in immunoassay methods’ and ‘multiplex immunoassays’.
The other section includes overviews on important immunoassay methods which are of special value in specific areas of research, such as: ‘utilization of Staphylococcus aureus Protein ‘A’ and Streptococcus Spps. Protein ‘G’ in immunolabelled techniques’, ‘general concepts in immunoassay systems’ and ‘the use of bead-based multiplex immunoassay systems’.
The book is most useful for researchers and postgraduate students, in all fields where immunolabelled techniques are applied.
I would like to acknowledge the kind help and support of Ms. Maja Bozicevic, the Publishing Process Manager of the book, whose continuous devotion and patience led to success of production of this book. I would also like to acknowledge the authors who participated by writing the chapters and those who in many ways helped in preparing this book.

Prof. Eltayb Abuelzein
Chair Professor, The Chair of Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers, 
King Abdulaziz University,
Saudi Arabia


Section 1 Emerging Uni-and-Multiplex Immunolabeled Methods .

 1 Utility of One Step Immunoassay in Detecting False Negativity in Routine Blood Bank Screening of Infectious Diseases 3 Kafil Akhtar

 2 Assays for Assessing the Compatibility of Therapeutic Proteins with Flexible Drug Containers 17 Shawn F. Bairstow and Sarah E. Lee

 3 Evaluation of an Immuno-Chromatographic Detection System for Shiga Toxins and the E. coli O157 Antigen 29 Ylanna Burgos and Lothar Beutin

 4 Use of Antibodies in Immunocytochemistry 41 Hakkı Dalçık and Cannur Dalçık

 5 Recent Progress in Noncompetitive Hapten Immunoassays: A Review 53 Mingtao Fan and Jiang He

 6 Immunoassay in Toxicology Diagnosis 67 Ewa Gomolka

 7 Development of an Ultra-SensitiveEnzyme Immunoassay for Insulin and Its Application to the Evaluation of Diabetic Risk by Analysis of Morning Urine 83 Seiichi Hashida, Yusuke Miyzawa, Yoshie Hirajima, Asako Umehara, Mayumi Yamamoto and Satoshi Numata

 8 Ovarian Biomarkers in Infertility 101 Ivailo Vangelov, Julieta Dineva, Krassimira Todorova, Soren Hayrabedyan and Maria D. Ivanova

 9 Ferret TNF-α and IFN-γ Immunoassays 133 Alyson Ann Kelvin, David Banner, Ali Danesh, Charit Seneviratne, Atsuo Ochi and David Joseph Kelvin

 10 A Modified Enzyme Immunoassay Method for Determination of cAMP in Plant Cells 161 Lidia A. Lomovatskaya, Anatoly S. Romanenko, Nadya V. Filinova and Olga V. Rykun

 11 Toxoplasmosis: IgG Avidity and Its Implication in Serodiagnosis 169 Veeranoot Nissapatorn and Nongyao Sawangjareon

 12 Immunoassay 191 Rie Oyama

 13 Immunological Methods for the Detection of Campylobacter spp.  Current Applications and Potential Use in Biosensors 203 Omar A. Oyarzabal and Cynthia Battie

 14 Elisas for Rotavirus Diagnosis, Typing, and Analysis of Antibody Response 227 Luis Padilla-Noriega

 15 Immunochemical Properties of Recombinant Ompf Porin from Outer Membrane of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis 243 Olga Portnyagina, Olga Sidorova, Valentina Khomenko, Olga Novikova, Marina Issaeva and Tamara Solov’eva

 16 Wash-LOCI – A Semi-Heterogeneous Version of the LOCI Technology Allowing Removal of Unbound Material After Each Assay Step 259 Fritz Poulsen

 17 Immunoassay – A Standard Method to Study the Concentration of Peptide Hormones in Reproductive Tissues in vitro 275 Agnieszka Rak-Mardyła, Anna Ptak and Ewa Łucja Gregoraszczuk

 18 Detection Curb 299 Hiroshi Saiki

 19 Carbon Nanoparticles as Detection Label for Diagnostic Antibody Microarrays 311 Aart van Amerongen, Geert A.J. Besselink, Martina Blazkova, Geertruida A. Posthuma-Trumpie, Marjo Koets and Brigit Beelen-Thomissen

Section 2 Review Articles .

 20 Utilization of the Staphylococcus aureus Protein 'A' and the Streptococcus spp. Protein 'G' in Immunolabelled Techniques 333 Eltayb Abuelzein

 21 An Overview of the Laboratory Assay Systems and Reactives Used in the Diagnosis of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infections 339 Recep Kesli

 22 Multiplex Immunoassay and Bead Based Multiplex 351 Türkan Yiğitbaşı .

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