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Edited by Sameh Magdeldin .

356 pages .
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ISBN 978-953-51-0325-7 .

With the huge number of books and publications that utilizes different aspects of affinity chromatography, it is still hard to find a freely accessed book that gathers a solid and concise understanding of affinity principles together with its applications in a single volume. The vision of this book is not more than an attempt to provide an open source single volume demonstrating the concept of affinity chromatography with some of its applications that meets the current throughput screening demands of scientists and researchers. This book “Affinity chromatography” starts with introductory chapter that passes through the basic principles and snapshot applications of this analytical technique, followed by a wide ranged practical research chapters utilizing affinity chromatography, written by leading experts worldwide. It is worthy to say that the scope of the information contained in this book is still limited to be covered in a single volume.
Affinity chromatography is aimed mainly at those interested in different analytical and separation techniques, particularly, biochemists, biologists, pharmacists, advanced graduate students and post graduate researchers.
Finally, I am grateful to the all experts who showed positive and specific “affinity“to participate and share in this book with their valuable experience. Indeed, without their participation, this book won’t come to light.

Sameh Magdeldin, Ph.D
Senior Post Doc Researcher and Proteomics Team Leader
Medical School, Niigata University,

Ass. Prof. (Lecturer), Physiology Dept.
Suez Canal University,


Part 1 Principles and Applications of Affinity Chromatography .

 1 Affinity Chromatography: Principles and Applications 3 Sameh Magdeldin and Annette Moser

 2 Affinity Interactions as a Tool for Protein Immobilization 29 Eva Benešová and Blanka Králová

Part 2 Lectin Affinity Chromatography .

 3 Affinity Chromatography of Lectins 49 Jure Pohleven, Borut Štrukelj and Janko Kos

 4 The Difference of Lectin Recovery by Sugar-Bound Resin 75 Mitsuru Jimbo, Shin Satoh, Hirofumi Hasegawa, Hiroshi Miyake, Takao Yoshida, Tadashi Maruyama and Hisao Kamiya

Part 3 Immunoaffinity Purification .

 5 Immunoaffinity Chromatography: A Review 91 Daad A. Abi-Ghanem and Luc R. Berghman

 6 Affinity Chromatography for Purification of IgG from Human Plasma 107 Lucia Hofbauer, Leopold Bruckschwaiger, Harald Arno Butterweck and Wolfgang Teschner

Part 4 GST – Tagged Affinity Chromatography .

 7 A Study of the Glutathione Transferase Proteome of Drosophila melanogaster: Use of S- Substituted Glutathiones as Affinity Ligands 127 Ramavati Pal, Milana Blakemore, Michelle Ding and Alan G. Clark

Part 5 Nucleic Acids Affinity Purification .

 8 RNA Affinity Chromatography 145 Nehal Thakor and Martin Holcik

Part 6 Immobilized Metallic Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) .

 9 Ion Metallic Affinity Chromatography and Purification of Bacterial Toxin 167 Luciano Moura Martins and Tomomasa Yano

Part 7 Usage of Affinity Chromatography in Purification of Proteases, Protease Inhibitors, and Other Enzymes .

 10 Polyhistidine Affinity Chromatography for Purification and Biochemical Analysis of Fungal Cell Wall-Degrading Enzymes 177 Takumi Takeda

 11 Novel Detection Methods Used in Conjunction with Affinity Chromatography for the Identification and Purification of Hydrolytic Enzymes or Enzyme Inhibitors from Insects and Plants 187 Alexander V. Konarev and Alison Lovegrove

 12 Affinity Chromatography as a Key Tool to Purify Protein Protease Inhibitors from Plants 211 Elizeu Antunes dos Santos, Adeliana Silva de Oliveira, Luciana Maria Araújo Rabêlo, Adriana Ferreira Uchôa and Ana Heloneida Araújo Morais

 13 Identification of cGMP-Kinase Complexes by Affinity Chromatography 255 Salb Katharina, Schinner Elisabeth and Schlossmann Jens

Part 8 Affinity Chromatography as a Quantitative Tool .

 14 Affinity Chromatography as a Tool for Quantification of Interactions Between Drug Molecules
and Their Protein Targets 275 Piotr Draczkowski, Dariusz Matosiuk and Krzysztof Jozwiak

Part 9 Practical Application of Affinity Chromatography in Research Field .

 15 The Value of Fungal Protease Inhibitors in Affinity Chromatography 307 Jerica Sabotič, Katarina Koruza, Boštjan Gabor, Matjaž Peterka, Miloš Barut, Janko Kos and Jože Brzin

 16 Affinity-Based Methods for the Separation of Parasite Proteins 333 C.R. Alves, F.S. Silva, F.O. Oliveira Jr, B.A.S. Pereira, F.A. Pires and M.C.S. Pereira .

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