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Edited by Eddy C. Agbo .
474 pages .
Open Access .
ISBN 978-953-51-0096-6 .

This book represents a crystallization of some of the leading-edge research and development topics evolving in the field of biotechnology. It comprises 19 Chapters from an extensive background of leading authors, covering topics ranging from Plant, Medical, Microbial, Animal to General Biotechnology. The key idea was to bring multiple cutting-edge topics in biotechnology into a single text, as a handy tool for students, scholars and practitioners interested in related topics.
All of the material in this book was developed under rigorous peer review, with appeal to a broad range of readers ranging from social scientists to students and researchers. A substantial proportion of the material is original, and has been prepared specifically for this book; part was put together from published articles.
The publishing process was considerably longer than usual partly due to the novelty of the papers and partially due to the fact that the referees were relatively more cautious with several of the papers, which were substantially innovative.

Eddy C. Agbo, DVM, PhD
Chairman & CEO
Fyodor Biotechnologies Corp
Baltimore, Maryland


Part 1 Plant Biotechnology .

 1 Applications of Biotechnology in Kiwifruit (Actinidia) 3 Tianchi Wang and Andrew P. Gleave

 2 Biotechnological Tools for Garlic Propagation and Improvement 31 Alejandrina Robledo-Paz and Héctor Manuel Tovar-Soto

 3 Plant Beneficial Microbes and Their Application in Plant Biotechnology 57 Anna Russo, Gian Pietro Carrozza, Lorenzo Vettori, Cristiana Felici, Fabrizio Cinelli and Annita Toffanin

Part 2 Medical Biotechnology .

 4 In Vivo Circular RNA Expression by the Permuted Intron-Exon Method 75 So Umekage, Tomoe Uehara, Yoshinobu Fujita, Hiromichi Suzuki and Yo Kikuchi

 5 DNA Mimicry by Antirestriction and Pentapeptide Repeat (PPR) Proteins 91 Gennadii Zavilgelsky and Vera Kotova

 6 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Biotechnology: Concepts and Therapeutic Applications in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine 113 Mikel Sánchez, Isabel Andia, Eduardo Anitua and Pello Sánchez

 7 Polymers in the Pharmaceutical Applications - Natural and Bioactive Initiators and Catalysts in the Synthesis of Biodegradable and Bioresorbable Polyesters and Polycarbonates 139 Ewa Oledzka and Marcin Sobczak

 8 Translating 2A Research into Practice 161 Garry A. Luke

 9 Controlling Cell Migration with Micropatterns 187 Taro Toyota, Yuichi Wakamoto, Kumiko Hayashi and Kiyoshi Ohnuma

Part 3 Microbial Biotechnology .

 10 Microbial Expression Systems and Manufacturing from a Market and Economic Perspective 211 Hans-Peter Meyer and Diego R. Schmidhalter

 11 Exogenous Catalase Gene Expression as a Tool for Enhancing Metabolic Activity and Production of Biomaterials in Host Microorganisms 251 Ahmad Iskandar Bin Haji Mohd Taha, Hidetoshi Okuyama, Takuji Ohwada, Isao Yumoto and Yoshitake Orikasa

 12 Acupuncture for the Treatment of Simple Obesity: Basic and Clinical Aspects 277 Wei Shougang and Xie Xincai

 13 Spermatogonial Stem Cells and Animal Transgenesis 303 Flavia Regina Oliveira de Barros, Mariana Ianello Giassetti and José Antônio Visintin

 14 Gene Expression Microarrays in Microgravity Research: Toward the Identification of Major Space Genes 319 Jade Q. Clement

 15 Biotechnology Patents: Safeguarding Human Health 349 Rajendra K. Bera

Part 4 Animal Biotechnology .

 16 Biotechnology Virtual Labs: Facilitating Laboratory Access Anytime-Anywhere for Classroom Education 379 Shyam Diwakar, Krishnashree Achuthan, Prema Nedungadi and Bipin Nair

 17 Gender, Knowledge, Scientific Expertise, and Attitudes Toward Biotechnology: Technological Salience and the Use of Knowledge to Generate Attitudes 399 Richard M. Simon

 18 Structural Bioinformatics for Protein Engineering 415 Davi S. Vieira, Marcos R. Lourenzoni, Carlos A. Fuzo, Richard J. Ward and Léo Degrève

 19 Monoclonal Antibody Development and Physicochemical Characterization by High Performance Ion Exchange Chromatography 439 Jennifer C. Rea, Yajun Jennifer Wang, Tony G. Moreno, Rahul Parikh, Yun Lou and Dell Farnan .

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