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Lipids containing polyunsaturated fatty acids are susceptible to free radical-initiated oxidation and can participate in chain reactions that increase damage to biomolecules.
Lipid peroxidation, which leads to lipid hydroperoxide formation often, occurs in response to oxidative stress. Hydroperoxides are usually reduced to their corresponding alcohols by glutathione peroxidases. However, these enzymes are decreased in certain diseases resulting in a temporary increase of lipid hydroperoxides that favors their degradation into several compounds, including hydroxy-alkenals.
The best known of these are: 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal (4-HNE) and 4-hydroxy-2-hexenal (4-HHE), which derive from lipid peroxidation of n-6 and n-3 fatty acids, respectively.
Compared to free radicals, these aldehydes are relatively stable and can diffuse within or even escape from the cell and attack targets far from the site of the original event.
These aldehydes exhibit great reactivity with biomolecules, such as proteins, DNA, and phospholipids, generating a variety of intra and intermolecular covalent adducts. At the membrane level, proteins and amino lipids can be covalently modified by lipid peroxidation products (hydoxy-alkenals). These aldehydes can also act as bioactive molecules in physiological and/or pathological conditions.
The purpose of this book is to concentrate on recent developments on lipid peroxidation. The articles collected in this book are contributions by invited researchers with a long-standing experience in different research areas. We hope that the material presented here is understandable to a broad audience, not only scientists but also people with general background in many different biological sciences. This volume offers you up-to-date, expert reviews of the fast-moving field of Lipid Peroxidation. The book is divided in four mayor sections: Lipid peroxidation: chemical mechanisms, antioxidants, biological implications; Evaluation of lipid peroxidation processes; Lipid peroxidation in vegetables, oils, plants and meats and Lipid peroxidation in health and disease.

Angel Catala
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas,
Universidad Nacional de La Plata,


Section 1 Lipid Peroxidation: Chemical Mechanisms, Antioxidants, Biological Implications .

 1 Lipid Peroxidation: Chemical Mechanism, Biological Implications and Analytical Determination 3 Marisa Repetto, Jimena Semprine and Alberto Boveris

 2 Lipid Oxidation in Homogeneous and Micro-Heterogeneous Media in Presence of Prooxidants, Antioxidants and Surfactants 31 Vessela D. Kancheva and Olga T. Kasaikina

 3 Lipid Peroxidation End-Products as a Key of Oxidative Stress: Effect of Antioxidant on Their Production and Transfer of Free Radicals 63 Hanaa Ali Hassan Mostafa Abd El-Aal

 4 Iron Overload and Lipid Peroxidation in Biological Systems 89 Paula M. González, Natacha E. Piloni and Susana Puntarulo

Section 2 Evaluation of Lipid Peroxidation Processes .

 5 Trends in the Evaluation of Lipid Peroxidation Processes 111 Mihaela Ilie and Denisa Margină

 6 Automation of Methods for Determination of Lipid Peroxidation 131 Jiri Sochor, Branislav Ruttkay-Nedecky, Petr Babula, Vojtech Adam, Jaromir Hubalek and Rene Kizek

 7 Liposomes as a Tool to Study Lipid Peroxidation 155 Biljana Kaurinovic and Mira Popovic

 8 Liposomes as a Tool to Study Lipid Peroxidation in Retina 181 Natalia Fagali and Angel Catalá

Section 3 Lipid Peroxidation in Vegetables, Oils, Plants and Meats .

 9 The Effect of Plant Secondary Metabolites on Lipid Peroxidation and Eicosanoid Pathway 193 Neda Mimica-Dukić, Nataša Simin, Emilija Svirčev, Dejan Orčić, Ivana Beara, Marija Lesjak and Biljana Božin

 10 Repeatedly Heated Vegetable Oils and Lipid Peroxidation 211 Kamsiah Jaarin and Yusof Kamisah

 11 Effects of Hydroperoxide in Lipid Peroxidation on Dough Fermentation 229 Toshiyuki Toyosaki

 12 Modification of Fatty Acid Composition in Meat Through Diet: Effect on Lipid Peroxidation and Relationship to Nutritional Quality – A Review 239 Gema Nieto and Gaspar Ros

Section 4 Lipid Peroxidation in Health and Disease .

 13 Lipid Peroxidation After Ionizing Irradiation Leads to Apoptosis and Autophagy 261 Juliann G. Kiang, Risaku Fukumoto and Nikolai V. Gorbunov

 14 Tissue Occurrence of Carbonyl Products of Lipid Peroxidation and Their Role in Inflammatory Disease 279 Maria Armida Rossi

 15 The Role of Physical Exercise on Lipid Peroxidation in Diabetic Complications 293 Yaşar Gül Özkaya

 16 Reactive Oxygen Species Act as Signaling Molecules in Liver Carcinogenesis 315 María Cristina Carrillo, María de Luján Alvarez, Juan Pablo Parody, Ariel Darío Quiroga and María Paula Ceballos

 17 Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidants in Arterial Hypertension 345 Teresa Sousa, Joana Afonso, Félix Carvalho and António Albino-Teixeira

 18 Lipid Peroxidation and Reperfusion Injury in Hypertrophied Hearts 393 Juliana C. Fantinelli, Ignacio A. Pérez Núñez, Luisa F. González Arbeláez and Susana M. Mosca

 19 Lipid Peroxidation by-Products and the Metabolic Syndrome 409 Nicolas J. Pillon and Christophe O. Soulage

 20 Region Specific Vulnerability to Lipid Peroxidation in the Human Central Nervous System 437
Alba Naudí, Mariona Jové, Victòria Ayala, Omar Ramírez, Rosanna Cabré, Joan Prat, Manuel Portero-Otin, Isidre Ferrer and Reinald Pamplona

 21 Role of Lipid Peroxidation in the Pathogenesis of Age-Related Cataract 457 Bojana Kisic, Dijana Miric, Lepsa Zoric and Aleksandra Ilic

 22 Lipid Peroxidation in Hepatic Fibrosis 483 Ichiro Shimizu, Noriko Shimamoto, Katsumi Saiki, Mai Furujo and Keiko Osawa

 23 Use of CoA Biosynthesis Modulators and Selenoprotein Model Substance in Correction of Brain Ischemic and Reperfusion Injuries 493 Nina P. Kanunnikova, Natalya Z. Bashun and Andrey G. Moiseenok

 24 Lipid Peroxidation and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers – A Toxicological Perspective 515 Mary C. Vagula and Elisa M. Konieczko .

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