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Edited by Ute Roessner .

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Metabolomics is a new scientific field which has developed with an accelerating speed over the last decade as demonstrated through the increasing numbers of publications in scientific journals of any biological research field. These developments are mainly driven by increasingly robust and sensitive analytical instrumentations allowing the analysis and quantification of thousands of metabolites from any biological system.
Together with the application of sophisticated computational methodology and statistical approaches the vast amount of data generated from instrumentation can be analysed and mined aiding biological and biochemical interpretation. Especially, once experimental metabolomics data can be integrated with other ‘omics type data such as from genomics and proteomics analyses the path is paved for a better holistic understanding of the biological system under investigation.
This book will provide the reader with summaries of the state-of-the-art of the technologies and methodologies, especially in the data analysis and interpretation approaches as well as gives insights into exciting applications of metabolomics in human health studies, safety assessments and plant and microbial research.

Dr. Ute Roessner
School of Botany, The University of Melbourne, Victoria,


Part 1 Metabolomics of Microbes and Cell Cultures .

 1 Metabolomics and Mammalian Cell Culture 3 Kathya De la Luz-Hdez

 2 Quantitative Metabolomics and Its Application in Metabolic Engineering of Microbial Cell Factories Exemplified by the Baker’s Yeast 19 Mario Klimacek

Part 2 Metabolomics - Data Analysis and Integration .

 3 Online Metabolomics Databases and Pipelines 47 Adam J. Carroll

 4 Generic Software Frameworks for GC-MS Based Metabolomics 73 Nils Hoffmann and Jens Stoye

 5 Computational Methods to Interpret and Integrate Metabolomic Data 99 Feng Li, Jiangxin Wang, Lei Nie and Weiwen Zhang

 6 Metabotype Concept: Flexibility, Usefulness and Meaning in Different Biological Populations 131 Nabil Semmar

 7 Software Techniques for Enabling High-Throughput Analysis of Metabolomic Datasets 167 Corey D. DeHaven, Anne M. Evans, Hongping Dai and Kay A. Lawton

Part 3 Metabolomics to Identify Health Promoting Factors and New Bioactives .

 8 Metabolic Pathways as Targets for Drug Screening 195 Wai-Nang Paul Lee, Laszlo G. Boros and Vay-Liang W. Go

Part 4 Metabolomics in Plant Research .

 9 New Opportunities in Metabolomics and Biochemical Phenotyping for Plant Systems Biology 213 Gibon Yves, Rolin Dominique, Deborde Catherine, Bernillon St├ęphane and Moing Annick

 10 Metabolomics of Endophytic Fungi Producing Associated Plant Secondary Metabolites: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities 241 Souvik Kusari and Michael Spiteller

Part 5 Metabolomics in Human Disease Research .

 11 Metabolomics in the Analysis of Inflammatory Diseases 269 Sabrina Kapoor, Martin Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Clay, Rachel Bayley, Graham R. Wallace and Stephen P. Young

 12 Clinical Implementation of Metabolomics 289 Akira Imaizumi, Natsumi Nishikata, Hiroo Yoshida, Junya Yoneda, Shunji Takahena, Mitsuo Takahashi, Toshihiko Ando, Hiroshi Miyano, Kenji Nagao, Yasushi Noguchi, Nobuhisa Shimba and Takeshi Kimura

Part 6 Metabolomics - Improving Analytics .

 13 Improvement in the Number of Analytic Features Detected by Non-Targeted Metabolomic Analysis: Influence of the Chromatographic System and the Ionization Technique 317 R. Pandher, E. Naegele, S.M. Fischer and F.I Raynaud

Part 7 Metabolomics in Safety Assessments .

 14 Challenges for Metabolomics as a Tool in Safety Assessments 331 George G. Harrigan and Bruce Chassy

 15 Metabolomics Approach for Hazard Identification in Human Health Assessment of Environmental Chemicals 349 Suryanarayana V. Vulimiri, Brian Pachkowski, Ambuja S. Bale and Babasaheb Sonawane .

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