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Staying current in the rapidly changing field of arthroscopic surgery presents a challenge for practitioners and students. Books and review articles are often outdated on the day of release. Recently, rapidly published on-line books have filled an educational void, assisting millions of practitioners to stay updated on the latest techniques.
The chapters in this book entitled Modern Arthroscopy were written by a panel of international experts in the various disciplines of arthroscopy. The goals of this text are to present the classical techniques and teachings in the fields of Orthopaedics and Dentistry, but also to include new, cutting-edge applications of arthroscopy, such as temporomandibular arthroscopy and extra-articular arthroscopy of the knee, just to name a few. The InTech online publishing format allows rapid publishing of these new techniques to keep the content accurate and up to date.
The chapters are organized anatomically, with the first chapters introducing basic arthroscopic techniques, while later chapters describe newer, more advanced techniques. The surgical technique sections of the chapters are clearly labeled for easy reference.
It is my hope that this book will either assist readers in learning the current techniques of arthroscopic surgery, or serve as a springboard to stimulate the creation of new techniques, which have yet to be described. On behalf of the authors and InTech Publishing we thank you for your interest in this book, and hope Modern Arthroscopy becomes a core reference for your arthroscopic surgery practice.

Jason L. Dragoo, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine
Stanford University,


Part 1 Arthroscopy of the Temporomandibular Joint .

 1 Temporomandibular Joint Arthroscopy 3 Edvitar Leibur, Oksana Jagur and Ülle Voog-Oras

Part 2 Arthroscopy of the Upper Extremity .

 2 Arthroscopic Treatment of Recurrent Anterior Glenohumeral Instability 29 Michael Hantes and Alexandros Tsarouhas

 3 Anesthesia for Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery 49 Diego Benítez and Luis M. Torres

 4 Arthroscopic Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures 65 Yukio Abe and Yasuhiro Tominaga

Part 3 Arthroscopy of the Hip .

 5 Arthroscopy after Total Hip Replacement Surgery 79 Cuéllar Ricardo, Ponte Juan, Esnal Edorta and Tey Marc

Part 4 Arthroscopy of the Knee .

 6 Management of Knee Articular Cartilage Injuries 103 Joshua D. Harris and David C. Flanigan

 7 Articular Cartilage Regeneration with Stem Cells 129 Khay-Yong Saw, Adam Anz, Kathryne Stabile, Caroline SY Jee, Shahrin Merican, Yong-Guan Tay and Kunaseegaran Ragavanaidu

 8 Traumatic Chondral Lesions of the Knee Diagnosis and Treatment 179 Masoud Riyami

 9 Contemporary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction 197 P. Christel and W. Boueri

 10 The Role of Arthroscopy in Mini-Invasive Treatment of Tibial Plateau Fractures 225 Şt. Cristea, A. Prundeanu, Fl. Groseanu and D. Gârtonea

 11 Arthroscopy Following Total Knee Replacement 237 Vaibhav Bagaria, Jami Ilyas, Bhawan Paunipagar, Darshna Rasalkar and Rohit Lal

 12 Arthroscopic Soft Tissue Releases of the Knee 257 Michael R. Chen and Jason L. Dragoo

 13 Extraarticular Arthroscopy of the Knee 273 Shinichi Maeno, Daijo Hashimoto, Toshiro Otani, Ko Masumoto, Itsuki Yuzawa, Kengo Harato and Seiji Saito

Part 5 Arthroscopy of the Foot and Ankle .

 14 Posterior Ankle and Hindfoot Arthroscopy 287 Masato Takao .

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