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Osteoporosis is a public health issue worldwide. During the last few years, progress has been made concerning the knowledge of the pathophysiological mechanism of the disease. Sophisticated technologies have added important information in bone mineral density measurements and, additionally, geometrical and mechanical properties of bone. New bone indices have been developed from biochemical and hormonal measurements in order to investigate bone metabolism. Although it is clear that drugs are an essential element of the therapy, beyond medication there are other interventions in the management of the disease. Prevention of osteoporosis starts in young ages and continues during aging in order to prevent fractures associated with impaired quality of life, physical decline, mortality, and high cost for the health system. A number of different specialties are holding the scientific knowledge in osteoporosis. For this reason, we have collected papers from scientific departments all over the world for this book. The book includes up-to-date information about basics of bones, epidemiological data, diagnosis and assessment of osteoporosis, secondary osteoporosis, pediatric issues, prevention and treatment strategies, and research papers from osteoporotic fields.

Yannis Dionyssiotis, MD, PhD,
Physical and Social Rehabilitation Center Amyntæo
University of Athens, 
Laboratory for Research of the Musculoskeletal System


Part 1 of the textbook : The Basics of Bone .

 1 Bone Mineral Quality 3 Delphine Farlay and Georges Boivin

 2 Genetics and Osteoporosis 33 Margarita Valdés-Flores, Leonora Casas-Avila, Valeria Ponce de León-Suárez and Edith Falcón-Ramírez

 3 Biomechanics of Osteoporosis: The Importance of Bone Resorption and Remodeling Processes 59 Gholamreza Rouhi

Part 2 of the textbook : Public Health Data of Osteoporosis .

 4 Self-Reported Prevalence of Osteoporosis in Australia 81 Tiffany K. Gill, Anne W. Taylor, Julie Black and Catherine L. Hill

 5 Prevalence of Back Pain in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis and Associations with Multiple Spinal Factors 103 Naohisa Miyakoshi, Michio Hongo and Yoichi Shimada

Part 3 of the textbook : The Diagnosis and Assessment of Osteoporosis and Fractures Risk .

 6 The Diagnosis and Workup of Patients for Osteoporosis or Osteopenia (Low Bone Mass) 117 Frank Bonura

 7 Evolutionary Pathways of Diagnosis in Osteoporosis 133 Antonio Bazarra-Fernández

 8 Approach to the Screening and Diagnosis of Osteoporosis 151 Choi H.J.

 9 Early Detection Techniques for Osteoporosis 165 Kanika Singh and Kyung Chun Kim

 10 Sophisticated Imaging Technology in the Assessment of Osteoporosis Risk 181 Huayue Chen, Tatsuro Hayashi, Xiangrong Zhou, Hiroshi Fujita, Minoru Onozuka and Kin-ya Kubo

 11 What We Learn from Bone Complications in Congenital Diseases? Thalassemia, an Example 195 Zohreh Hamidi

 12 What's BMD and What We Do in a BMD Centre? 225 Zohreh Hamidi

Part 4 of the textbook : Secondary Osteoporosis .

 13 Patchy Osteoporosis in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 249 Geun-Young Park, Sun Im and Seong Hoon Lim

 14 Osteoporosis in Microgravity Environments 265 Bradley K. Weiner, Scott E. Parazynski and Ennio Tasciotti

 15 Neurological Osteoporosis in Disabilities 277 Yannis Dionyssiotis

 16 Post-Transplantation Bone Disease 299 Federico G. Hawkins, Sonsoles Guadalix, Raquel Sanchez and Guillermo Martínez

 17 The Skeleton Abnormalities in Patients with Neurofibromatosis Type 1: Important Consequences of Abnormal Gene Function 323 Marek W. Karwacki and Wojciech Wozniak

 18 Studies of Osteoporosis in Cancer Patients in Slovakia – Experience from Single Institute 343 Beata Spanikova and Stanislav Spanik

Part 5 of the textbook : Pediatric Issues in Osteoporosis .

 19 Osteoporosis in Pediatric Patients and Its Clinical Management 369 Emilio González Jiménez

 20 Physical Activity Interactions with Bone Accrual in Children and Adolescents 379 Izabella A. Ludwa and Panagiota Klentrou

Part 6 of the textbook : Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis .

 21 Osteoporosis, Nutrition and Adolescence 411 Isabel Seiquer, Marta Mesías and M. Pilar Navarro

 22 Rehabilitation in Osteoporosis 435 Yannis Dionyssiotis

 23 Physical Exercise for Prevention of Falls and Fractures 467 Lucas Teixeira, Joelma Magalhães, Stella Peccin, Rebeca Teixeira, Kelson Silva, Tiago Teixeira, Jander Souza and Virgínia Trevisani

 24 The Effect of Exercise on Bone Mineral Density, Bone Markers and Postural Stability in Subjects with Osteoporosis 493 M. Janura, Z. Krhutová, Z. Svoboda and P. Novosad

 25 Impaired Ability to Perform the Sit-to-Stand Task in Osteoporotic Women 517 Deborah Colucci Trevisan, Francisco José Albuquerque de Paula, Júlia Guimarães Reis, Gustavo de Carvalho da Costa and Daniela Cristina Carvalho de Abreu

 26 Osteoporosis and Arterial Stiffness: Effects of Exercise Training 529 Takanobu Okamoto

 27 Osteoporotic Pain 541 Sumihisa Orita, Seiji Ohtori, Gen Inoue and Kazuhisa Takahashi

 28 Pharmacological Treatment of Osteoporosis 555 Jorge Malouf-Sierra and Roberto Güerri-Fernández

 29 The Role of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Tibolone in the Prevention and Treatment of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis 609 Marta Lamarca

 30 Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Involving Bisphosphonate Treatment for Osteoporosis 625 Maria Panaś, Małgorzata Zaleska and Tomasz Kaczmarzyk

 31 Balloon Kyphoplasty for Osteoporosis: Technical Notes 637 Antoine Nachanakian, Antonios El Helou, Sami Salem and Moussa Alaywan

 32 Minimally Invasive Treatment of Vertebral Body Fractures 649 Pasquale De Negri and Tiziana Tirri

Part 7 of the textbook : Research and New Challenges in Osteoporosis .

 33 Osteoporosis: A Look at the Future 667 Iliyan Kolev, Lyudmila Ivanova, Leni Markova, Anelia Dimitrova, Cyril Popov and Margarita D. Apostolova

 34 Simulating Bone Atrophy and Its Effects on the Structure and Stability of the Trabecular Bone 695 Christoph Räth, Irina Sidorenko, Roberto Monetti, Jan Bauer, Thomas Baum, Maiko Matsuura, Philippe Zysset and Felix Eckstein

 35 Role of Phytoestrogen Ferutinin in Preventing/Recovering Bone Loss: Results from Experimental Ovariectomized Rat Models 710 Carla Palumbo, Francesco Cavani, Laura Bertoni and Marzia Ferretti

 36 The Phytoestrogens, Calcitonin and Thyroid Hormones: Effects on Bone Tissue 733 Branko Filipović and Branka Šošić-Jurjević

 37 Nutrition for Enhancing Bone Volume in Mice 765 Junji Ohtani, Fujita Tadashi, R.A. Marquez Hernandez, Toshitsugu Kawata, Masato Kaku, Masahide Motokawa and Kazuo Tanne

 38 Osteoporosis and Bone Regeneration 781 Shinji Kuroda, Kanako Noritake and Shohei Kasugai

 39 Lactoferrin – A Potential Anabolic Intervention in Osteoporosis 803 Dorit Naot, Kate Palmano and Jillian Cornish

 40 How Dentistry Can Help Fight Osteoporosis 821 Plauto Christopher Aranha Watanabe, Marlivia Gonçalves de Carvalho Watanabe and Rodrigo Tiossi

 41 Effect of Bisphosphonates on Root Growth and on Chlorophyll Formation in Arabidopsis thaliana Seedlings 853 Ana I. Manzano, F. Javier Medina, Francisco J. Pérez-Zuñiga, Maria A. Günther Sillero and Antonio Sillero .

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