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Edited by Paulo F. Guerreiro Cardoso .

492 pages .
Open Access .

Open Access publishing has finally become available to Thoracic Surgery. This is a rather simple publishing concept that removes the charges and the need for compulsory subscription. This therefore enables readers worldwide to broaden their access to scientific publications online and, best of all, for free. The numbers are staggering. As I was writing this Preface, I went to the publisher’s web site and found the following: 3,8 million downloads for all books published, championed by Electrical Engineering (29,2%) whereas Medicine is making its way up (13,9%). This is the reason why I believe that Open Access Publishing has become a powerful educational and research tool on a global level. Thoracic Surgery can now extend this benefit to both their specialists and trainees. Furthermore, it offers a new gateway for authors around the world to convey their information in a less formal frame, in a faster way and with a more international flavor. The end result is an excellent opportunity for authors to share their experiences and for readers to have access to more information.
The current Thoracic Surgery book has format that differs radically from the usual surgical textbooks. Instead of organizing the book into a pre-formatted table of contents with chapters, sections and then ask authors to submit their respective chapters based on this frame, the authors were encouraged by the publisher to submit their chapters based on their area of expertise. The editor is then commissioned to examine the reading material and put it together as a book. In Thoracic Surgery, the material was rich and encompassed so many interesting chapters that I elected to put it into a single volume with some sense but with no divisions, thus enabling a wider range of topics to be featured. It starts with a comprehensive and objective “Preoperative Assessment of patients for Thoracic Surgery” by Drs. Rasheed and Raghuraman and moves on to challenging topics such as “Pulmonary Resection for Lung Cancer in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis” by Dr. Iwata from Japan. It then moves into the more specific articles such as “Post-thoracotomy pain management”, chest wall malformations and a provocative new technique for pectus repair along with a historical overview provided by Dr. Masaoka and as well as a historical overview on chest wall malformations by Dr. Torre. On the lung cancer topics, the reader will enjoy the review and technical aspects of VATS major pulmonary resections along with more traditional topics such as Pancoast tumors and recurrence patterns of stage I lung disease. The book also includes articles on hyperhidrosis, surgery for bronchiectasis, lung transplantation, surgical and endoscopic management of emphysema among many others.
For the reader who seeks information on research applicable to clinical situations, we chose a few interesting topics such as Dr. Laubach’s research on compensatory lung growth and Drs. Miserocchi’s and Beretta’s studies on extravascular water in lung and pleural cavity following lung surgery.
This inaugurates a novel method of sharing thoracic surgical information and, above all, accessible to everyone with very good publishing quality. I do hope this will succeed as an alternative surgical information output and encourage authors to embark on Open Access.

Paulo F. Guerreiro Cardoso MD, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Thoracic Surgery
Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sao Paulo


 1 Preoperative Evaluation of Patients for Thoracic Surgery 1 Shanawaz Abdul Rasheed and Raghuraman Govindan

2 Pulmonary Resection for Lung Cancer in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis 17 Takashi Iwata

 3 The Effect of One Lung Ventilation on Intrapulmonary Shunt During Different Anesthetic Techniques 33 Gordana Taleska and Trajanka Trajkovska

 4 Thoracic Critical Care 59 Seyed Mohammad Reza Hashemian and Seyed Amir Mohajerani

 5 Standardized Monitoring of Post-Operative Morbidity and Mortality for the Evaluation of Thoracic Surgical Quality 67 Jelena Ivanovic, Tim Ramsay and Andrew J. E. Seely

 6 Post-Thoracotomy Pain Syndrome 81 Anand Alister Joseph R., Anand Puttappa and Donal Harney

 7 Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension: Effects of Pulmonary Endarterectomy 95 Coen van Kan, Mart N. van der Plas, Jaap J. Kloek, Herre J. Reesink and Paul Bresser

 8 Chest Wall Deformities: An Overview on Classification and Surgical Options 117 Michele Torre, Giovanni Rapuzzi, Vincenzo Jasonni and Patricio Varela

 9 Pectus Excavatum: A Historical Perspective and a New Metal-Free Procedure 137 Akira Masaoka and Satoshi Kondo

 10 Surgical Management of Primary Upper Limb Hyperhidrosis – A Review 165 Geesche Somuncuoğlu

 11 The Evolution of VATS Lobectomy 181 Alan D. L. Sihoe

 12 The Era of VATS Lobectomy 211 Stefanie Veit

 13 Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery Major Pulmonary Resections 223 Khalid Amer

 14 Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) Systematic Mediastinal Nodal Dissection 247 Khalid Amer

 15 Pancoast Tumors: Surgical Approaches and Techniques 273 N. Barbetakis

 16 Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Recurrence Patterns, Prognostic Factors and Survival 285 Jung-Jyh Hung and Yu-Chung Wu

 17 Surgical Treatment of Bronchiectasis 293 Hidir Esme and Sevval Eren

 18 Role of Thoracomyoplasty Procedures in Modern Surgery for Intrathoracic Suppurations 309 Petre Vlah-Horea Botianu and Alexandru Mihail Botianu

 19 Lung Volume Reduction Surgery 327 James D. Maloney, Nicole K. Strieter and Joshua L. Hermsen

 20 Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction for Emphysema 345 Paulo F. Guerreiro Cardoso

 21 Mediastinal Parathyroidectomy: Preoperative Management of Hyperparathyroidism 363 Dariusz Sagan, Jerzy S. Tarach, Andrzej Nowakowski, Maria Klatka, Elżbieta Czekajska-Chehab, Andrzej Drop, Beata Chrapko and Janusz Klatka

 22 Pulmonary Transplantation and Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury 377 Ashish K. Sharma, Matthew L. Stone, Christine L. Lau and Victor E. Laubach

 23 Superior Vena Cava Syndrome 401 Francesco Puma and Jacopo Vannucci

 24 Compensatory Lung Growth After Pneumonectomy 415 Lucas G. Fernández, James M. Isbell, David R. Jones and Victor E. Laubach

 25 Pathophysiology of Extravascular Water in the Pleural Cavity and in the Lung Interstitium After Lung Thoracic Surgery 433 Giuseppe Miserocchi and Egidio Beretta

 26 The Role of PET-CT in the Clinical Management of Oesophageal Cancer 447 Reubendra Jeganathan, Jim McGuigan and Tom Lynch

 27 Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in the Transition of Emergent Thoracic Surgery 467 Shao-Jung Hsu and Kuang-Yao Yang .

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