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Gas chromatography has been and it still is, one of the key tools in analytical techniques in many of the advanced research carried out over the globe. This technique has contributed tremendously and was once the main technique in the analysis of specific compounds like volatile compounds, certain pesticides, pharmaceuticals and petroleum products. The advance of this technique has resulted in several tandem instruments with application of other techniques to enhance the results obtained by gas chromatography. Several good and versatile detectors has been developed and plays a pivotal role in many frontline research and industrial applications.
This book is the outcome of contributions by many experts in the field from different disciplines, various backgrounds and expertise. This is a true reflection of the vast area of research that is applicable to this technique and each area has its own strength and focus towards giving highly sensitive and specific identification and quantitation of compounds from different sources and origins. The chapters cover a significant amount of basic concepts and its development till its current status of development.
This is followed by chapters on the biomedical applications of this technique which is beneficial as an example of its application in biological and life sciences based research. It also includes some aspects of indoor air assessment, exhaled air analysis and analysis of exudates from natural products.
The chapters include some industrial applications in petroleum, organometallic and pyrolysis applications. These chapters provide some useful information on specific analysis and may be applicable to related industries. The last chapter deals with new dimension and the frontline research and development in gas chromatography. This includes multidimensional and time of flight gas chromatography. I hope that this book will contribute significantly to the basic and advanced users of gas chromatography.

Professor Dr. Mustafa Ali Mohd
Deputy Director of Development
University of Malaya Medical Centre,
University of Malaya
Kuala Lumpur,


Part 1 New Development in Basic Chromatographic and Extraction Techniques .

 1 Hyphenated Techniques in Gas Chromatography 3 Xinghua Guo and Ernst Lankmayr

 2 Stationary Phases 27 Vasile Matei, Iulian Comănescu and Anca-Florentina Borcea

 3 Design, Modeling, Microfabrication and Characterization of the Micro Gas Chromatography Columns 51 J.H. Sun, D.F. Cui, H.Y. Cai, X. Chen, L.L. Zhang and H. Li

 4 Porous Polymer Monolith Microextraction Platform for Online GC-MS Applications 67 Samuel M. Mugo, Lauren Huybregts, Ting Zhou and Karl Ayton

 5 Derivatization Reactions and Reagents for Gas Chromatography Analysis 83 Francis Orata

 6 Parameters Influencing on Sensitivities of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Measured by Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010 Ultra 109 S. Pongpiachan, P. Hirunyatrakul, I. Kittikoon and C. Khumsup

Part 2 Selected Biomedical Applications of Gas Chromatography Techniques .

 7 Analysis of Toxicants by Gas Chromatography 133 Sukesh Narayan Sinha and V. K. Bhatnagar

 8 Acetone Response with Exercise Intensity 151 Tetsuo Ohkuwa Toshiaki Funada and Takao Tsuda

 9 Indoor Air Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds and Evaluation of Their Emission from Various Building Materials and Common Products by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry 161 Hiroyuki Kataoka, Yasuhiro Ohashi, Tomoko Mamiya, Kaori Nami, Keita Saito, Kurie Ohcho and Tomoko Takigawa

 10 Gas Chromatography in the Analysis of Compounds Released from Wood into Wine 185 Maria João B. Cabrita, Raquel Garcia, Nuno Martins, Marco D.R. Gomes da Silva and Ana M. Costa Freitas

Part 3 Selected Application of Gas Chromatography in Life Sciences .

 11 GC Analysis of Volatiles and Other Products from Biomass Torrefaction Process 211 Jaya Shankar Tumuluru, Shahab Sokhansanj, Christopher T. Wright and Timothy Kremer

 12 Application of Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry to the Analysis of Lacquer Film 235 Rong Lu, Takayuki Honda and Tetsuo Miyakoshi

 13 Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography to Evaluate the Organic Matter Quality of Different Degraded Soil Ecosystems 283 Cristina Macci, Serena Doni, Eleonora Peruzzi, Brunello Ceccanti and Grazia Masciandaro

 14 Application of Gas Chromatography to Exuded Organic Matter Derived from Macroalgae 307 Shigeki Wada and Takeo Hama

Part 4 Selected Applications of Gas Chromatography in Industrial Applications .

 15 Application of Gas Chromatography in Monitoring of Organic and Decontamination Reactions 325 Pranav Kumar Gutch

 16 Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry of Polymeric Materials 343 Peter Kusch

 17 Gas Chromatograph Applications in Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fluids 363 Huang Zeng, Fenglou Zou, Eric Lehne, Julian Y. Zuo and Dan Zhang

 18 Determination of Organometallic Compounds Using Species Specific Isotope Dilution and GC-ICP-MS 389 Solomon Tesfalidet

Part 5 New Techniques in Gas Chromatography .

 19 Multidimensional Gas Chromatography – Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry of PAH in Smog Chamber Studies and in Smog Samples 407 Douglas Lane and Ji Yi Lee

 20 Inverse Gas Chromatography in Characterization of Composites Interaction 421 Kasylda Milczewska and Adam Voelkel

 21 Recent Applications of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography to Environmental Matrices 437 Cardinaël Pascal, Bruchet Auguste and Peulon-Agasse Valérie .

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