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Edited by Stavropoula I. Tjoumakaris .

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ISBN 978-953-51-1178-8 .

While a relatively uncommon entity, Arteriovenous fistulas represent tremendous challenges to surgeons and patients alike. The condition is as unique as it’s multifactorial etiology and multidisciplinary reach.
With this thought in mind, “Arteriovenous Fistulas: Diagnosis and Management”, is an attempt to re-visit the basics of this vascular disorder and re-acquaint the reader with the crucial elements of a thorough diagnostic workup and treatment application. Inside this thorough text you will find an inclusive guide to a complete review of the most common presentations of arteriovenous fistulas, the techniques for accurate diagnosis as well as treatment pearls. For simplicity sake, we have divided the text into five major forms of arteriovenous fistulas: 1) Intracranial 2) Spinal 3) Systemic 4) Traumatic and 5) Iatrogenic.
“Arteriovenous Fistulas: Diagnosis and Management” takes complex subject matter and distills it to an easily understood, reproducible and enjoyable experience that will be welcomed by surgeons across subspecialties, including Neurological, Orthopaedic, Vascular, Trauma and General, as well as non-surgeons such as Neurologists and Critical Care Intensivists.
Attendings, fellows, residents, medical students or anyone interested in sharpening their diagnostic and therapeutic skill set will benefit from reading this text.
Finally, I must thank all of the authors who contributed so much of their time, wisdom and experience in creating the final product you hold before you. On behalf of everyone associated with this work, I sincerely hope you enjoy learning and implementing your new skills as much as I have enjoyed organizing the material.

Stavropoula I. Tjoumakaris, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Neurological Surgery
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Section 1 Intracranial Arteriovenous Fistula .

 1 Endovascular Management of Dural Arteriovenous Malformations 3 Nohra Chalouhi, Pascal Jabbour, Aaron S. Dumont, L. Fernando Gonzalez, Robert Rosenwasser and Stavropoula Tjoumakaris

 2 Percutaneous Transvenous Embolization of Intracranial Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas with Detachable Coils and/or in Combination with Onyx 25 Xianli Lv, Youxiang Li and Chuhan Jiang

Section 2 Spinal Arteriovenous Fistula .

 3 Spinal Arteriovenous Lesions 45 Benjamin Brown, Chiazo Amene, Shihao Zhang, Sudheer Ambekar, Hugo Cuellar and Bharat Guthikonda

 4 Spinal Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas — Treatable Cause of Myelopathy 65 Antoine Nachanakian, Antonios El Helou, Ghassan Abou Chedid and Moussa Alaywan

 5 Spinal Arteriovenous Fistulas and Arteriovenous Malformations – Complicated Vasculature and Surgical Imaging 85 Shinji Yamamoto and Phyo Kim

 6 Spinal Arteriovenous Fistulas 105 Mohammad R. Rasouli, Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar and Alexander R. Vaccaro

Section 3 Systemic Arteriovenous Fistula .

 7 Pulmonary and Other Non-Neurological Vascular Malformations: Diagnosis and Endovascular Treatment 117 Yasutaka Baba, Sadao Hayashi and Masayuki Nakajo

 8 Ultrasound Guided Non Surgical Closure of Post Angiographic Femoral Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) and Pseudoaneurysm (PSA) 131 Akram M. Asbeutah, Pushpinder S. Khera and Abdullah Ramadan

 9 Role of Collateral Vein Occlusion in Autologous Dysfunctional Hemodialysis Fistulas 139 Iftikhar Ahmad

Section 4 Traumatic Arteriovenous Fistula .

 10 Traumatic Arteriovenous Fistula 153 Grace Carvajal Mulatti, André Brito Queiroz and Erasmo Simão da Silva

 11 Traumatic Middle Meningeal Artery and Fistula Formation with the Cavernous Sinus and a Review of the Literature on Endovascular Management of Traumatic Carotid Cavernous Fistulas 167 Xianli Lv, Youxiang Li and Chuhan Jiang

Section 5 Iatrogenic Arteriovenous Fistula .

 12 Arterialized Venous Flaps in Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery 179 Hede Yan, Cunyi Fan, Feng Zhang and Weiyang Gao .

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