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Edited by Francesco Signorelli and Domenico Chirchiglia .

Open Access .
522 pages .
ISBN 978-953-51-1160-3 .

Brain mapping is nowadays a well established field of functional neuroscience that has a high clinical impact, sustained by incessant advancements of basic and clinical research.
The world-class group of neuroscientists gathered together to elaborate this book has done a skillful job: apart from delineating their area of expertise they managed to give the reader an accurate hint about what are the current implications of brain mapping both in research and clinic. Ideal for researchers and clinicians involved in functional neurosciences, this book is a valuable reading for anyone, student, resident or seasoned specialist, seeking to keep up to date with the latest developments in functional brain mapping.
By dividing the book in three chapters we intended to give the reader an inkling of the main topics studied, namely sensorimotor integration, speech, vision, mood and cognition, as well as the central research and clinical applications of brain mapping. These are the stepping stones from which further developments will arise and contribute to improve our understanding of brain function and our capacity to enhance, preserve and restore it in case of impairment or loss.

Prof. Francesco Signorelli
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
University “Magna Græcia”, Catanzaro, Italy
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Hospices Civils de Lyon, Hôpital Neurologique et Neurochirurgical,
Department of Neurosurgery, Lyon, France

Prof. Domenico Chirchiglia
Aggregate Professor of Neurosurgery
University “Magna Græcia”, Catanzaro, Italy


Section 1 Functional Neuroimaging of Attention, Sensorimotor Integration and Speech .

 1 Sensorimotor Integration and Attention: An Electrophysiological Analysis 3 Bruna Velasques, Mauricio Cagy, Roberto Piedade and Pedro Ribeiro

 2 A High Performance MEG Based BCI Using Single Trial Detection of Human Movement Intention 17 Peter T. Lin, Kartikeya Sharma, Tom Holroyd, Harsha Battapady, Ding-Yu Fei and Ou Bai

 3 Brain Mapping of Developmental Coordination Disorder 37 Mitsuru Kashiwagi and Hiroshi Tamai

 4 Shared Neural Correlates for Speech and Gesture 61 Meghan L. Healey and Allen R. Braun

 5 Brain Mapping of Language Processing Using Functional MRI Connectivity and Diffusion Tensor Imaging 77 Todd L. Richards and Virginia W. Berninger

 6 Pre-Attentive Processing of Mandarin Tone and Intonation: Evidence from Event-Related Potentials 95 Gui-Qin Ren, Yi-Yuan Tang, Xiao-Qing Li and Xue Sui

 7 Exploring the Effect of Verbal Emotional Words Through Event-Related Brain Potentials 109 Andrés Antonio González-Garrido, Fabiola Reveca Gómez- Velázquez and Julieta Ramos-Loyo

Section 2 Functional Neuroimaging in Vision, Mood and Cognition .

 8 Genetic Marker Mice and Their Use in Understanding Learning and Memory 135 Mark Murphy, Yvette M. Wilson and Christopher Butler

 9 Attractor Hypothesis of Associative Cortex: Insights from a Biophysically Detailed Network Model 155 Mikael Lundqvist, Pawel Herman and Anders Lansner

 10 Multi-Scale Information, Network, Causality, and Dynamics: Mathematical Computation and Bayesian Inference to Cognitive Neuroscience and Aging 181 Michelle Yongmei Wang

 11 The Crossmodal Influence of Odor Hedonics on Facial Attractiveness: Behavioural and fMRI Measures 209 Francis McGlone, Robert A. Österbauer, Luisa M. Demattè and Charles Spence

 12 Seeing with Two Eyes: Integration of Binocular Retinal Projections in the Brain 227 Tenelle A. Wilks, Alan R. Harvey and Jennifer Rodger

 13 The Role of Cortical Feedback Circuitry on Functional Maps of V2 in Primates: Effects on Orientation Tuning and Direction Selectivity 251 Ana Karla Jansen-Amorim, Cecilia Ceriatte, Bruss Lima, Juliana Soares, Mario Fiorani and Ricardo Gattass

 14 Ceasing Thoughts and Brain Activity: MEG Data Analysis 267 Takaaki Aoki, Michiyo Inagawa, Kazuo Nishimura and Yoshikazu Tobinaga

 15 Brain Imaging and the Prediction of Treatment Outcomes in Mood and Anxiety Disorders 279 Leah M. Jappe, Bonnie Klimes-Dougan and Kathryn R. Cullen

 16 Mental Function and Obesity 301 Nobuko Yamada-Goto, Goro Katsuura and Kazuwa Nakao

Section 3 Experimental and Clinical Applications of Functional Neuroimaging .

 17 Surgical Resection of Tumors Infiltrating Left Insula and Perisylvian Opercula — Utility of Anatomic Landmarks Implemented by Intraoperative Functional Brain Mapping 345 Francesco Signorelli, Domenico Chirchiglia, Rodolfo Maduri, Giuseppe Barbagallo and Jacques Guyotat

 18 Optimized Signal Separation for 3D-Polarized Light Imaging 355 Jürgen Dammers, Lukas Breuer, Giuseppe Tabbì and Markus Axer

 19 Causal Relationships and Network Parameters in Effective Brain Connectivity 375 Guiomar Niso, Ernesto Pereda, Fernando Maestú, María Gudín, Sira Carrasco and Francisco del-Pozo

 20 Neuroimaging of Epilepsy: EEG-fMRI in the Presurgical Evaluation of Focal Epilepsy 393 Mirko Avesani, Silvia Giacopuzzi and Antonio Fiaschi

 21 Brain Function in Fibromyalgia: Altered Pain Processing and Cognitive Dysfunction 431 Francisco Mercado, Paloma Barjola, Marisa Fernández-Sánchez, Virginia Guerra and Francisco Gómez-Esquer

 22 FDG- PET Imaging in Neurodegenerative Brain Diseases 463 L. K. Teune, A. L. Bartels and K. L. Leenders

 23 Quantitative Mapping of Angiogenesis by Magnetic Resonance Imaging 477 Teodora-Adriana Perles-Barbacaru and Hana Lahrech .

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