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Radiation therapy was applied for treatment of cancers empirically after the discovery of radium . The acute and long term side effects were recorded clinically as the patients started outliving the tumours. The combination of radiation before or after surgery and subsequent addition of chemotherapy has revolutionized the way we treat cancer today. Every tumour is approached through a multimodality discussion such that the toxicity of either treatment can be reduced with maximum curative potential. Frontiers in Radiation Oncology has been brought forth to understand the basics of radiation sensitization, cellular and genomic stress responses to radiation,inhibiting repair of subletahl damage along with an understanding of the dosimetric aspects of radiation physics. The chapters on clinical aspects have been designed to bring out the changing concepts of cure in metastatic disease with the advent of stereotactic body radiotherapy. The effects of radiation, concurrent chemotherapy and surgery are also the subjects of exploration in the clinical context.
Any textbook on providing care to cancer patients cannot be complete without addressing the quality of life in cancer treatment and the nutritional needs of the high catabolic state in the cancer patients. The last two chapters address these needs.
The book is meant for physicians, physicists, dosimetrists and counselors who are trying to provide a holistic care in cancer while trying to understand the complex basics of radiation interaction within the human body.

Tejinder Kataria
Radiation Oncology, Medanta-The Medicity,


Section 1 Molecular Biology of Radiation Therapy .

 1 Histone Acetyltransferases (HATs) Involved in Non-Homologous End Joining as a Target for Radiosensitization 3 Takahiro Oike, Hideaki Ogiwara, Takashi Nakano and Takashi Kohno

 2 A Framework for Modeling the Cellular Defending Mechanisms Against Genome Stress Under Radiotherapy 13 Jin-Peng Qi, Yong-Sheng Ding and Xian-Hui Zeng

Section 2 Dosimetry and Medical Physics .

 3 Applications to Radiotherapy Using Three Different Dosimetric Tools: MAGIC-f Gel, PENELOPE Simulation Code and Treatment Planning System 35 Thatiane Alves Pianoschi and Mirko Salomón Alva-Sánchez

 4 3D Dosimetric Tools in Radiotherapy for Photon Beams 53 Mirko Salomón Alva-Sánchez and Thatiane Alves Pianoschi

 5 A Respiratory Motion Prediction Based on Time-Variant Seasonal Autoregressive Model for Real-Time Image-Guided Radiotherapy 73 Kei Ichiji, Noriyasu Homma, Masao Sakai, Makoto Abe, Norihiro Sugita and Makoto Yoshizawa

 6 Neutron Dose Equivalent in Tissue Due to Linacs of Clinical Use 91 S. Agustín Martínez Ovalle

Section 3 Clinical Radiotherapy .

 7 Curative Radiotherapy in Metastatic Disease: How to Develop the Role of Radiotherapy from Local to Metastases 115 Chul-Seung Kay and Young-Nam Kang

 8 Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer 147 Hend Ahmed El-Hadaad and Hanan Ahmed Wahba

 9 Reduction Mammaplasty and Intra-Operative Radiotherapy (IORT) in Conservative Surgery 165 Simonetta Franchelli, Paolo Meszaros, Michela Massa, Marina Guenzi, Renzo Corvò, Davide Pertile, Giorgia Timon, Ferdinando Cafiero and Pierluigi Santi

 10 Effects of Radiotherapy on Pharyngeal Reconstruction After Pharyngo-Laryngectomy 185 Jimmy Yu-Wai Chan and Gregory Ian Siu Kee Lau

Section 4 Quality of Life Issues .

 11 Breast Cancer Post Treatment Quality of Life 197 Sabina Saric

 12 Nutrition Intervention Improves Nutritional Status and Quality of Life Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy 205 Elisabeth Isenring .

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