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Thrombophilia has appeared as a diverse group coagulation disorder associated with thrombosis development tendency. Both acquired and inherited thrombophilia shows relationship with a risk of pregnancy failure. Despite the extended researches, the influence of thrombophilia on gestation complications and potential management options stays indistinct and undergoes frequent revaluations.
The main purpose of “Pregnancy Thrombophilia - The Unsuspected Risk” is to provide an update of the current statements of the place and treatment options of thrombophilic conditions during pregnancy. The thrombotic state and its control during pregnancy appears in a new direction in high risk pregnancy follow up. Providing continuous updated evidence concerning these pregnancy states is a sizable goal of mother-fetus health involved practitioners.
The authors of “Pregnancy Thrombophilia - The Unsuspected Risk” attempt to propose up-to-date, concise statements about pregnancy thrombophilia and current indications for treatment options encompassing both clinical and basic knowledge of the problem.
The first and second book’s chapters provide recent knowledge about molecular basis of thrombophilia state and its clinical and pathological appearance in mother, fetus, and placenta.
The further two chapters discuss the main target groups of women with pregnancy complications needing thrombophilia testing and an incoming pharmacogenetic approach of individualized antithrombotic therapy.
Chapters five and six summarize the current view for the place of acquired thrombophilia – antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus disease in adverse pregnancy outcome and supplemental therapy in concern with anticoagulant treatment.
Because of the specific processes concerning embryo implantation and placenta development after IVF, a separate chapter has been added to give contemporary position for the influence and treatment requirements in women with thrombophilia undergoing assisted reproduction.
Thanks to the different affiliation fields of the book’s authors and editors, an extensive view of pregnancy thrombophilia conditions have been given using current published clinical trials and still-in-laboratory investigations.
“Pregnancy Thrombophilia - The Unsuspected Risk” has been faced to all specialists, being involved in mother-fetal health care and it gives a chance for them to form their own opinion for studying and treating maternal thrombophilic state. The content is open for feedback, concerning further update, improvement of the scientific substance and applied clinical guidelines directions.

Petar Ivanov, MD, PhD, OB/GYNs
Clinical Institute for Reproductive Medicine, IVF Unit
Medical University Pleven, Biochemistry Department
Pleven, Bulgaria


 1 Genetics and Molecular Pathophysiology of Thrombotic States 1 Ludek Slavik

 2 Placenta Changes During Pregnancy with Thrombophilia — Influences of Low Molecular Weight Heparin Therapy 25 P. Ivanov and Tsv. Tsvyatkovska

 3 Main Types of Clinical Appearance of Thrombophilic States During Pregnancy – Target Groups for Thrombophilia Testing 39 Ricardo Barini, Joyce Annichino-Bizzache, Egle Couto, Marcelo Luis Nomura and Isabela Nelly Machado

 4 Pharmacogenetics and the Treatment of Thrombophilia 67 Ivana Novaković, Nela Maksimović and Dragana Cvetković

 5 Antiphospholipid Antibodies Syndrome and Reproductive Failures: New Therapeutic Trends Beyond Aspirin and Heparin 83 Chiara Tersigni, Silvia D’Ippolito and Nicoletta Di Simone

 6 Thrombophilia in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Review of Multiple Mechanisms and Resultant Clinical Outcomes 105 Patricia J. Dhar and Robert J. Sokol

 7 Thrombophilia in Assisted Reproductive Technology — Place and Needs of Thromboprophylaxis 129 P. Ivanov, Sl. Tomov, Tsv. Tsvyatkovska, E. Konova and R. Komsa- Penkova .

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